Race Competitions

Hey there.

This has probably been asked before. I was wondering if there’s going to be an ability for the player to enter racing championships, as a constructor or engine supplier (which might have positive marketing effects across the company if you do succeed).

Will it be possible to manufacture and sell race cars? If so, is this limited to modifications of road-legal cars or can we experiment with, for example, open-wheelers? Seeing as how it’s possible to build very high performance engines and can tune them for race settings it’d be awesome if we could be involved at this level and compete directly with the AI in races.

I understand this is probably outside the scope of an initial release, but I get more than a bit excited at the prospect of designing my own F1 car. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the current plan, there will be no such thing, no, at least not “developed” properly. As this is such an interesting aspect though, we will definitely consider it for post release updates. :slight_smile: