Race Of The Customs - Hirochi Raceway

[BeamMP mod is required]
A casual race, with a twist, the goal is to build a track car following the restrictions given, you are allowed to test the car, but only on the Automation Test Track, you are not allowed to drive your car on the Hirochi Raceway until the true race (there will be practice laps)

Max Drivers: 20
Track: Hirochi Raceway
Laps: 10
Qualifying Race: 1 [Drivers in the bottom 5 will be eliminated]
Allow Pit Stops: Yes [Pit stops will allow you to repair any damage you may have taken during the race, you must wait 10 seconds after stopping in your pit before you continue]
Mandatory Pit: No
Time Of Day: Noon
Weather: Clear

Year: 1980
Max Price: INF [Go all out ;)]
Max HP: 1500
Banned Options: Twin Turbo, Quad Turbo, V12, V16

1st: Bragging rights, One month Discord Nitro
2nd: Bragging rights
3rd: Bragging rights

If you have any questions feel free to ask, i mostly active on discord (Izzard#7926)

If you want to join, DM me on Discord


So, a quad turbo V16 is fine then.

I take exception to that - V16 engines (and quad-turbo setups) should also be banned entirely, if only because not everyone has the requisite key.

No, i need to edit that, i dont own the V16 engine so i forgot to put it there :sweat_smile:

Single turbo V10 it is then :smiley: Nah, just kidding… But what about tech-points and quality, are they free too?

yep, quality can be max and tech points dont madder, if you want to shove a turbo charged V10 in it go ahead lol

Ok, then it’s high quality 1995 tech thats a go then :slight_smile: