Race Team Manager Challenge, Long Term Member needed! (C1T)

Hello, most of you won’t currently know what the C1T is so before we start with the things that will
need to be done, first an explanation of the challenge is needed.
The Challenge
C1T (Class 1 Touring soon to be called Grand Toruing Championship) is a challenge based around AI racing, and multiple seasons happen in which car
updates, sponsors, and drivers are all necessary to be successful. Currently we are in pre-season 7 (2001)
and will end in 2020.
Members need to manage their team(s) for extended periods of time and need to be active in several
things, and this is why someone who enters is not simply an entrant, and
more of a member.
Currently it is based around a game called UR2D2
(Ultimate Racing 2D 2)
Anyways, that was the short introduction. Now let’s get to the point.
Long Term Members Needed!
Currently we have a shortage on users competing, and there are currently 2 teams that we call “Neutral
Teams”. These teams are currently controlled by the hosts, but they are meant to be controlled by users
and turned into standard teams. Thing is, we currently do not have the users needed to fill this gap, so
this is why this post exists.
Now, you may be interested, but what do you need to do to be “active”?
Below there is a list of things that are needed to be considered “Active”.

  1. You need to be able to be on Discord to make team decisions, update cars and access general information
  2. You need to be able to enter cars/car updates every 1-2 weeks. You can always hand the team
    to someone else or turn it into a neutral team if you are no longer interested (or are unable to
  3. We stream the races and also record the statistics every season. Races are streamed on twitch with notice ahead of when.
  4. Customize your car however you like, we will probably discuss team colors (so it’s diverse and easy to watch). Also you do not need to customize interior at all nor front, back, or side as the only visible thing will be the top.
    That’s all. We do require to participate/do the list above and is interested to stay for more than a month.
    For more info, feel free to join the discord server. UR2D2 Automation Challenge

Thanks for reading, and we hope you are interested in joining!
-Written by Djadania, Edited by Shimmel.


How long does the challenge last for??

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So… why is it here?
I mean, would you post on discord about a discourse only challenge?


I’ll answer both questions @Vento @stm316 . 1st one, we currently don’t know, but if i estimate it would probably be 1 year per season, and depending on if we keep interest it’ll stay for at least 5 weeks, and max about 18 (although i myself don’t see this happening). 2nd one, we cant exactly advertise to 4 people, and the combination of this challenge being with 2 games that most people only know 1 of, we cant exactly advertise to things like the Automation discord server or the UR2D discord server.
Its posted here because we can get the largest reach without stuff getting lost in 2 minutes and us not having to interrupt a conversation or getting potentially banned for advertising.
In short, we think this is the best place to advertise, and if you’d like to enter without discord we could figure something out. I’d be willing to figure stuff out for anyone who would like to enter but does not have plans of using discord.

“Although we run this primarily on Discord, as conversation is easier for us to control, we’d like to get more entrants”

See where I’m going?
You’re hosting, but, something about flies and vinegar…

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Yeah, i should have worded that differently. Sorry about that!
Im too blunt, i notice it often lmao

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I have competed in this challenge since season 1 and this is my take:
This is more like a fantasy motorsports league than an Automation challenge.
The cars are designed in Automation, but that’s only part of it. The rest is managing drivers and team budgets. Honestly, the hosts do a really good job at using the Discord server to keep track of everyone’s teams.
And watching the AI racing at the end of each season is a good time.

If it sounds like a big commitment, keep in mind not every season requires a big effort (but you can if you want).

Also, there is no particular incentive for realistic engineering. Exploiting each season’s rule set to the max is encouraged (much like in real motorsports). That said, the past two seasons’ rules have not resulted in particularly unrealistic cars.

So far we have done 6 seasons out of 25, and each season takes about a week (last season took a little longer). It can last as long as we want to keep it going. Possibly until next year, if it keeps being fun.

So… why is this forum here?
I mean, why post on Discourse about a Steam only game? :v:

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“.discourse.automationgame.com”. Makes sense to me. Does the steam page say to go GOG to purchase it?

I really don’t care where it’s hosted, but would you put an ad in the media and say you wouldn’t talk to anyone who said they saw the paper ad, but only TV one? It was a point about the message delivery.

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Gonna be fair, i completely agree with you, and i am also going to be honest and say that i never thought of a discord only challenge being a truly good idea challenge if posted on discourse. Keep in mind that i haven’t ever done that for my personal challenges, but it is mostly required for something so complex due to more easily and quickly being able to communicate.

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I get what you mean, but it’s easier to find contestants on here rather than in the discord servers where you can get banned for advertising this sort of thing. Also it is wayyy easier to run things on discord and also to keep it clean and simple for everyone.


From this I can conclude that the first season began in 1995; the final season (2020) must therefore be the 26th one.