Racing competitions

Let’s say I would like to propose a racing competition in BeamNG with automation cars, would here also be a place to propose it?

And would there be interested people?


I’m sure plenty of people are interested.

The issue is more organizing it, regulating it, and making it actually… enticing.


There are quite a few autobeam race series.
The biggest one imo would have to be AIT Racing.

Ok so the answer to my first question is a clear no.

Thanks for the document @66mazda. I’m quite a junkie of Automation and never came across the resources there. I had trouble getting into discord and then gave up on it. And that seems to be an issue that’s damaging the Automation Fanbase. There’s here, Steam and Discord(let’s not forget reddit also). Sure, some people overlap but not everyone and definitely not the resources, which means we’re fragmented in 3 places for no super good reason.

I’ll give another try at Discord later today. Anyway, thanks for the replies.

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It’s very hard for “indie” competitions to take hold, mainly because most of the action seems to be around 4 major competitions (to me that is lol), which are mainly CSR, CSC, AGC, and TMCC, barring some other major but selective competitions like Generations and PDC. Also not everyone has beam, so autobeam competitions tend to be discouraged here (in my opinion lol). You should get in the official discord though, will help you catch up on a lot of stuff.

AIT is more or less so independent, and has its own dedicated members that spread the word (and its well organized, fun, etc…), so it’s a bit different.

You know, I’d get a real hoot out of racing multiple entries wheel to wheel. It wouldn’t be very fair or necessarily cause the best car to win, but it would be a spectacle for sure.

I have no idea what CSR etc etc all mean :wink:
I checked Discord out and it looks like a nice community but it’s hardly easy to find stuff if you’re not on already on top of it for some time.

As for being hard to take hold, it’s not like I would expect 50 people joining in, I would be very happy with 5.

The competitions I’m thinking of, are with the drivers driving the same car, so quite fair :wink:
I would like to set up a competition for a an automation campaign, picking a car from each decade and having 7 or 8 legs in total. Or a set of races with the different models from a specific family.