Racing Showdown Advanced [RSA]

Some days simply do not go as expected, especially when you find a brand new racecar parked in your driveway upon returning home.
As you get closer to the car, the engine turns on and the infotainment system starts playing a message.
To some of you, the voice already seems familiar

Greetings, Driver.
Your extraordinary driving skills brought you to our attention, and we chose you as one of the finest drivers in the world.
Along with other racers of similar qualities, you have been chosen to take part in what we call the Grand Race.

The car in front of you has been built and tweaked based on your previous driving records, unique driving style, and your preferences.

We are looking for the best driver in the world, so if you really are as good as the records say, follow the map on the GPS.

Welcome to RSA

What is RSA? : A racing challenge that will not only test the limits of how good car you can build, but also will give you a chance to RP with other drivers. But it is not that simple, conditions of each track vary, and your driver and car will have to be the best at all of them. You ready?

How many drivers? : Up to 18 drivers will take part in the Grand Race (6 per team)

How will the winner be decided? : You will be awarded points for winning races (First place gets the most, etc. you know the deal), but be aware of the team element. In the end, two victories will be given. The Best Driver and The Best team.

Why be aware of team element? : You will be given modifiers based on the RP that will take in between the races, and those can drastically improve your performance, or on the other way, dampen it.
Also, all members of the TEAM that won the race receive bonus points.

Is that all? : No, more will be revealed as the story progresses, but to give you some advice, make sure your car is fast enough, and that it will not leave you standing on the track.


General Rules :

Teams and Cars :

Drivers :

The big Spreadsheet with all needed data :


1. Cars : DM me the .car file on discord (STlLETHO#9000), or here on forums. I will check it and tell you if you are in. Do not forget to build your car to fit one of the teams.

Submission name form :
Model : RSA - [Initials of the team (SK, HI, TD)] - [Username]
Trim : [Car Name]
Family : RSA - [Initials of the team (SK, HI, TD)] - [Username]
Variant : [Engine Name]

2. Characters : Once you have your car complete and checked, introduce us your character, along with the car they will be driving, in this thread. You can add some opening RP if you want to.

Submissions open 25th February, 23:59 Central European Time.
Submissions close 12th of March, 23:59 Central European Time.

Until the submissions open, the rules will be open for adjustments based on your suggestions, and all missing documents, as well as images will be added. Good luck everybody.


Anyone else feeling the JDM fever?.. say SKYLINE! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

RPG+Cars? You had my interest. Now you have my attention. Is it set in our world or the light campaign world? What kind of restrictions are there on character creation?

What about technical requirements for the cars we’ll be entering?

Refer to


Since many of you asked for little insight on what tracks you will be facing, here are descriptions of six of the planned tracks.
If some of the tracks still are missing descriptions, i am working on them


Just to clarify, the events are set 2016, but we can use a car from like 1999?

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Yes, but the trim has to be set to 2016.
Same goes with the engine, variant has to be 2016, but the family can be older.


Important message for everyone already making a car : You will be able to choose what tyre tread to use in upcoming races. (Track will be announced 24 Hours before the race starts, you will make your selection after the announcement.)
Remember that when making your cars.


So are we making purpose-built track cars or something like a LMGTE car?

If you go for a Track Devils car, then you can either do any sort of track monster be it an LMP1, or GTE.

However, the rest (Hot Iron and Street Kings) are more modified versions of the respectful cars that fit within thoss teams’ aesthetics (muscle cars for Hot Iron and street tuners/imports for Street Kings).


is AWD allowed for the track devils?

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I do not see anything banning it, but be aware of that i am planning on changes in allowed P/W depending on vehicle type. AWD will get their maximal P/W lowered, same goes for MR/RR cars.

Okay, the Documents have been updated.
Sections which are final :

Rules :

  • Trim : Power/Weight Ratios
  • Trim : PU/ ET/ Trim year
  • Trim : Minimal Weight
  • Engine : Maximal Displacement
  • Engine : NO V16
  • Engine : Fuel Octane
  • Engine : PU/ ET/ Trim year
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Also, if you want to stay in touch with in-development stuff, have access to the testing track, and many more, join the RSA develpoment server listed below :

  • Driver traits have been updated and finalised. (If you need explanations to some of those, contact me on discord or joing the APEX server, where i will answer your questions)

  • "Submissions open" has been postponed slightly, giving me a time window for final touches after i get home


The only issue I’d like to bring forward is the minimum weight. 1200Kgs seems very reasonable, except for when we get into the realms of the track cars, I think if you are using a power to weight ratio you should just scrap the min weight or reduce it for certain classes

Well, with our Testing, we have found that with a lower weight does suit some of our tighter tracks…
so, having the limit helps with not ending up with Hyper Miatas that will decimate competition.

To me it’s not a major issue as I think I already have a car to use, although I am experimenting with another that I think could be competitive.

Submissions are now open.

Spreadsheet will be uploaded later after i start receiving.