Rally Car Engine

I’ve recently made a rally car engine (WRC) following the FIA regulations and I found it was an interesting/challenging task.

So the challenge woud be a turbocharged engine with the next restrictions (from FIA and myself):

Cylinders: 4.
Maximum displacement: 1600cc / 97.6ci
Max. turbine size: 33mm
Max. turbo pressure: 2.50bar / 36.8PSI
MTBF: >38000Km
Peak power range: between 5500 - 7200rpm.
Max. RON/AKI: 98/93.1.
Year: 2014.
Default quality sliders.

The goal would be a peak power around 300hp.
The Polo R WRC specs may give you an idea.

Note: I think the restriction on turbine size should be on the compressor (air restrictor) but in that way I’ve not even been able to get 250hp, so I changed it.

Hope you find the challenge interesting :slight_smile:

My engine:

The restriction on WRC engines is not the compressor, it’s on the turbo intake, in front of the compressor. The comp. wheel has normal size.

Thanks RobtheFeind for correcting me.
I was not sure about it after read about the turbo intake, air restrictor, turbo bridle… at the end I was more confused than anything else.
So I guess the turbine size would be the thing, right?.

I forgot ‘the goal’, that would be a peak power around 300hp (I’ll edit the OP).