Re: Steam Workshop Mods

Is there a way to separate the mods that are meshes for parts/bodies etc. and the mods that are user-generated cars/engines?

The list is starting to become heavily populated with the latter, and it is starting to make navigation to update my parts catalog a bit more difficult. Perhaps a separate tag for User Cars and User Engines would be nice. But I don’t habitually use the Steam Workshop so am not sure what the best way to go about effecting this change would be, or if anybody else was having a similar thought.

Or, people could not put up those cars into the god damn workshop.

I don’t think they can even be accessed generally. Though I haven’t “Installed” any of them.

Welcome to the Steam Workshop. Dealt with it enough for games like Skyrim and you spend about 70% of your time sorting out the crap to find one or two things you want, 20% actually clicking on things to download them, and 10% investigating things that sound cool.

Unfortunately, half of the problem is the mentality. “I built a car, so I’m going to put it in the workshop.” Then the Workshop ends up flooded with user-made cars and engines that serve no purpose when you’re looking for new car bodies or fixtures.

Aha, well, I guess I go through NexusMods for my TES modding needs for a reason :wink:

Maybe we can put a memo out on this thread then: please don’t put your cars and engines on the workshop (actual competitor packs, however, are the exception). They’re useless there. A better approach is to upload the files to your own thread on this forum, because the Automation Import folder structure is optimised for this practice.

Much the same, Strop, much the same. Used the Nexus for quite a while before I knew about the Workshop, but figured I had to try just to see what it was like and, personally, found it to be awful.

But I can agree on that memo.

Those people wouldn’t be on the forums. That’s what I gather. Probably don’t realise it exists.