Real life companies that sound like in game ideas

I really hope these guys are for real, I’ve seen articles on and off for years now, but it looks like they have backers now so it might really happen. For comparison tata has said that nano might be quoted around 10,000 new for the us market. Now the Elio is a three wheeler and as such currently needs a motorcycle endorsement to drive it but hopefully they can get the law amended.

I also hope that they are able to start up. That would be a game-changer for commutes around here. I know a number of people who have motorcycles just for commuting, but the weather from about October to April around here is super-sketchy for bikers. Having that third wheel plus being enclosed would make it a very viable alternative commute vehicle.

We also don’t have 75% of our population driving trucks or SUVs, so safety/size is less of a concern than elsewhere in the country.

Speaking of in-game ideas, I wonder if there will be a feature where customers can pre-order cars before production actually starts. Jaguar did this with the XJ220 - several hundred deposits of 50,000 pounds each I’m sure helped offset some of the development costs. Elio is doing it as well with $100 - $1000 deposits to reserve a production slot for 2016.

Apparently they have 35,000 pre orders. That’s impressive considering they technically haven’t gotten GM to sign off on their use of the plant, or had it classified as a autocycle or car yet. If they get the plant deal confirmed I might just put in the $100 to pre order one myself.
8.9sec 0-60 is right around my current cars time so I really won’t lose much performance.