Real-Life Engine Recreations

S54B32 (from a 2000 BMW E46 M3):
2000 BMW S54B32Rev0.lua (48.5 KB)

LS7 (from a 2006 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06):

Due to quality slider limitations the hypereutectic pistons are reducing the reliability, the quality sliders aren’t limiting enough however to give this most realistic of LS7 recreations insanely high production units. #IndividualQualitySlidersForBottomEndParts
Like seriously, the production units would probably be halved if #IndividualQualitySlidersForBottomEndParts was made a reality and the LS7 isn’t the only engine which would hugely benefit from it.
2006 Chevy LS7Rev1.lua (43.3 KB)

LS1 (from a 1997 Chevrolet Corvette C5):

The power and torque peaks come 100RPM too late on this recreation, sadly I couldn’t get it any closer. :neutral_face:
1997 Chevy LS1Rev0.lua (39.5 KB)

S62B50 (from a 1998 BMW E39 M5):
1998 BMW S62B50Rev0.lua (45.4 KB)

There’s already a thread for engine recreations, but those are some good engines anyway! Good job :slight_smile:

S62 has standart intake, not performance IRL

and a throttle per cylinder, like every other ///M engine

Look at the top of the Engine Sharing Forum :stuck_out_tongue: There’s a post just for this at the top.

[quote=“xABSOLUTIONx”]S62 has standart intake, not performance IRL

and a throttle per cylinder, like every other ///M engine[/quote]

My S62 recreation already has throttle per cylinder and there isn’t a “standart” intake option, at least not in B1417.

S32B35 (from a 1978 BMW M1):
Power and torque specs according to Forza Motorsport 4.
1978 BMW S32B35Rev1.lua (43.9 KB)

Chrysler 225 (from a 1969 VF Valiant Pacer)
Power is 2hp short and 100rpm too late but is as close as I could get.

1969 Valiant 225 PacerRev0.lua (35.8 KB)

F20C (from a 1999 Honda S2000)
Peak power is 100rpm too late
1999 Honda F20CRev1.lua (50.8 KB)


Here my Hyundai Veloster Turbo Gamma 1.6L engine.

201 hp @6000rpm
195 lb/ft @4500rpm

1.6 Gamma GDi C4FJ 201hp FinalRev1.lua (62.8 KB)

2009 Ferrari F136FB (from Ferrari 458 Italia)
2009 Ferrari F136FBRev1.lua (52.3 KB)

What happened to the engine recreation thread that was pinned to the top quite a while ago? Seems to be working fine for me, so why the duplicate thread?

I think everyone is going with this one due to the newer release version like the top power thread? I dunno.

Those old engines usually still work, I believe. Costs have been changed, less so performance (not true for the next update for economy, as it has been said.) The only engines which would require re-tuning would be those using VVL. I would recommend still using that thread.

I just started this thread because I didn’t notice at the time that there already was one.

Mercedes M102E 2.5/2 (from Mercedes 190E 2.5-16)
1988 Mercedes M102E 25-2Rev0.lua (45.2 KB)

1975 BMW M30B28 (from E12 528)

1975 BMW M30B28Rev0.lua (42.5 KB)