Real world/in game usage of the newer fuel types

I have tried searching through the forum about this topic but have so far failed to find any info, so I thought I could at least ask for either real world comparisons or any one who has used the other fuels in game for builds.

Right now we have Unleaded and Leaded Petroleums, Ethanol Blends, Compressed Petroleum and Natural Gases, Methanol and Nitromethane. I know that where I am we do have E10 (RON 94), E85 (RON ~102-105) and LPG (AutoGas, RON ~102-108), I have heard that Brazil does have various blends of Ethanol Blends including 100%, and Nitro is common in Top Fuel Dragsters. But within Automation itself, what uses in sandbox or even in campaign would these fuels offer or have people been using them in any capacity?


A longer term plan would be to add a little more variation to campaign in terms of fuel availability. For instance, Fruinia could as the only country offer really cheap E85, which upps the affordability of all E85 running vehicles. Stuff like that could be done, but there are no direct plans for it yet.