Realising you probably use the forum too much

Whoops o-o

Dude, I have this tool called RescueTime installed on my PC and phone. They track all the things you did on the computer and then send you a report of how much of your time you spent doing what, how productive you were and compare it with old stats. For some weeks, the number one time sink I had has been the page, which adds both the forums and the live chat pages.

According to them, I spent a whole day, 24 hours, on the Automation page, only last week. 1/7 of my time was spent with this page open. That was a surprise, and made me realise that I should use this less :stuck_out_tongue:

I use things like WhatPulse to track how many clicks I’ve made and such. Surprisingly, I don’t use the computer too much (compared to how much I used to use it).

Also, I sometimes just leave the computer on, so RescueTime counts that time too. So I might not be that crazy :stuck_out_tongue: Or so I hope…

Ugh, I don’t even need an app to know that I probably spend about 3 hours a day actively looking at this forum, and leave the tab up about 8 hours each day… that being said running BSLL really increased that a lot. Once I finish BSLL I might even be able to go back to the other stuff I was planning to do…

… which is funny because I actually use Automation to wean me off a multitude of other distractions I used to have :laughing:

Haha, yeah, this probably wastes a bit too much of my time.

Just a bit :wink: .

Lol, i spend hours here too, most of the time i’m like: “Did they post the results? New BSLL story part? New 3D mods? Update news?” :laughing: :mrgreen:

haha BSLL has me checking a lot more than normal too! :smiley: