how realistic are your dyno numbers in the game? I also think you should allow for more customization with the cam like changing the lift and duration and also being able to choose different kinds of pistons such as dish flat top and dome and be able to set the cc on the. it would also be nice to be able to set the deck height, quench , and chamber size. it would also be nice to set how much the head flows as well. the game is still good even with out all to opinion and I think it will be amazing when its done I cant wait to play the full version keep up the good work guy.

The dyno numbers seem to be within about 5 - 10% of correct most of the time. Changing the compression ratio already automatically changes the pistons from dished to domed (visibly too).

Being able to set combustion chamber size wouldn’t be any more useful or meaningful from a gameplay point of view than just setting the compression ratio like you do now.

We’re aiming for an interesting and fairly detailed engine design aspect of a car tycoon game, not an engine design simulator, if you’re looking for things like quench area and that kind of thing you’re probably best off using an actual desktop dyno application, we have to draw the line somewhere and it’d be very hard to make things like deck height into an interesting gameplay mechanic.

This thread gives a good background to how we make our design decisions.