Rear Suspension 'bouncing' in Beamng even when still?

So I’m not sure if this is an Automation export issue, or a Beamng issue, but I’ve managed to make a car where the rear ‘bounces’ up and down even when standing still. I’ve tweaked the suspension a bit, made sure the tyres aren’t colliding with the body etc, but haven’t managed to fix up the issue.

Has anyone experienced this, and how did you manage to fix it?

@Killrob had the same problem in his testdrive of the '55 Verdini.
From the thread: Killrob’s LCV3 Fruinian Supercars - Merano

I don’t think a solution came up, hopefully they investigated.
If they get your car maybe they will find the problem.

Interesting, I think you may be on to something. That’s the same body that I’m having issues with!

Happened to me too with one car, but a different body, tiny 50s 2.0m wheelbase one