Red ‘halogen’ light not being usable as taillights

Not sure where to post this exactly, but here goes.

Pretty recently you guys added a new type of light material, probably meant to make halogen lights actually… look like halogen lights; in white, red, orange (ish), and white for reversing. I have several problems with these, but those are more pet peeves, so I’ll leave them aside - except for one.

The red version seems to completely ignore what light type you give it, save for reversing light. This makes it impossible to use this material for both taillights and brake lights in one light assembly without it ending up looking weird. I’ve had to end up using headlights set to ‘taillight’ and ‘brake light’ to get around this, as they do work. I also prefer this as it’s a bit brighter, but that just adds to the (current) pointlessness of the red version.

Could this be corrected before LCV4.2 drops?

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