Redesigned Calvinator Model CX

Here is the redesigned Model CX with a Kb to BHP ration better than the Koenigsegg One:1, with a ratio of 0.8 to 1.

It has a Calvinator CV8 464 CI 2447 BHP TT DOHC 40 Valve engine and can go 356 MPH and has an acceleration of 0-60mph @ 2.5 seconds

here are the Images

here is the file

CNCharger - Model (29.9 KB)

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Buddy , you shouldn’t open a new thread for new cars , you can post everything in one thread

If Saminda were to do this , the forum is going to be a mess :smile:


oh, ok. But what do you think?

It’s fast , but probably undriveable in real life , you could also make use of the fixture so it wouldn’t be so bland.

But still great effort.

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Uhh… can we see the engine overview tab? How much quality slider did you use on this thing?

And to repeat what Yamahafazer said, why don’t you create one dedicated company thread? You can post cars all under one roof there

All I see is how you’ve sacrificed all of the things that make the car actually fast just to get the top speed into the 350+.


Guys, this is the Model CX. It is strictly racing. It has the best time of all my cars. I will start a company thread, Hold on. And this car is the racing version of the Model C (first came out in 1955). Oh, and @ramthecowy, I used 15 for quality. Guys, this car would b equipped with an emergency air tank to keep the engine from dangerously overheating, so there is no air flow. @squidhead the car can go 356 and can reach 60mph from a standing start in just 2.5 seconds. You are telling me my car aint actually fast?

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I think that he refers to the track time. And sorry, but 2.5s is just average for this kind of power. However 356 MPH is impressive for me, as I didn’t really ever dig into achieving high top speeds.

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So how do I achieve faster than 2.5 seconds? I never had a car accelerate faster than that!

Good gearbox setup. But I can’t tell you what is exactly good, as it is more or less trial and error. Also in case of AWD proper power distribution, in this car I’d say sth between 80-90% for rear wheels. Huge grip, and probably lightness too.

Considering this

Is faster for both 0-60 and around the automation test track id say your car isnt fast. Even with about 1000hp less, proper amounts of cooling and (im guessing) a lower price than yours its able to do 0-60 in just 2.2 seconds and lap the test track in just 1:51.05 so its .3 seconds faster to 60 and more than 5 seconds faster around a track, and this thing is a van.


Wow. A Van! I am slow. Just Wait.

That is exactly what I am telling you. There are cars on this forum with 1/3rd of the power output and half the driven wheels that can accelerate on par with this without the use of lightning fast double clutch gearbox, and using regular H-pattern and without the +15 quality tabs. More so they can outbrake the Calvinator, and more importantly out-corner. The problem is you’ve got so much power that it needs too much cooling, ruining the aerodynamics, and all that tech adds too much weight for it to be competetive. Sure, it can go fast in a straight line, but sorry, that is something that’s not very hard to do, making a car run fast on a racetrack is a whole different thing. It’s not brute force it’s precission and ballance that matters