Redfoxlol's Dumb AGC Knockoff Challenge - Frontrunner [rule discussion]

this is my first challenge so. apologies if it kinda sucks
i saw agc and thought “oh this looks fun. i wanna do a challenge like this”
so sorry if this hurts your eyes


It’s 2018 and the annual G3 Game Festival is in full swing. The atmosphere of the convention is nothing short of chaotic. Game booths and demos are everywhere, the crowds are dense, but one booth stands out from the rest: the one owned by Little Bit Studios, who have just unveiled their newest creation: Frontrunner. It looks to be a team-based multiplayer combat racing game, in which the players drive a variety of offroad vehicles in four different gamemodes: Lightning, Tempo, Shutdown, and Shift. These modes are played in various tracks inspired by real-world locations, such as Wyoming, Egypt, Greenland and… London, for some reason. The vehicles fall into six classes, two Buggies (the Tornado and the Blitzer), two Bajas (the Inhibitor and the Generator) and two Bricks (the Goliath and the Executioner), each with their own abilities and competitive strategy. The Buggies are the lightest of the three classes, focusing on hit-and-run tactics, the Bajas are a middle ground, providing great support for their team, and the Bricks are the heaviest, with heavy hits to go with them. And as the promo trailer pans over to the cars…

  • Naming convention:
    Model name & Engine family name: RDAKC - [your username]
    Trim name & Engine variant name: [vehicle class (Tornado, Blitzer, Inhibitor, Generator, Goliath or Executioner)] - unrestricted
  • You are allowed to submit one car per class.
  • You must message me the .car file. Making an ad so that other people can see what they’re up against is encouraged, but not required.
Judging Criteria
  • Appearance: This game is supposed to be insane, and so should the cars. They need to fit whatever class you’re submitting them to, a small vehicle has to be submitted to one of the Buggies, mid-size vehicles to Bajas, etc.
  • Off-roadability: It just needs to look like an offroader. You couldn’t submit something like a Ford GT or a Renault Clio.
  • Performance stats aren’t important, this is a purely design based challenge.

Basically any of the cars (not bikes!) from ONRUSH.


Other than that, though:


TL:DR: make a funky offroad vehicle inspired by ONRUSH
what the classes are parallel to:
Tornado - Vortex
Blitzer - Charger
Inhibitor - Interceptor
Generator - Dynamo
Goliath - Titan
Executioner - Enforcer