Reizei's Random Designs


Because I’m not very active on the Reizei-Hartmann Group thread, I have decided to make this thread my “dump” for designs. I’ll be very active on this thread so get ready to see lots of cars. I’ll also share .car files. This does not mean that I’ll abandon the Reizei-Hartmann Group thread.


2021 Reizei FE-R (60.2 KB)

2021 Reizei Iridium (73.1 KB)

1997 Bayonne Caelus (70.2 KB)

1982 Sunwoo O40 (61.7 KB)

SAZ C1, C2 and C3 (48.8 KB) (57.1 KB) (71.0 KB)

2017 Riveros Urania (63.6 KB)

2020 Sunwoo O40 (84.5 KB)

2016 Reizei Oxygen GT300 (56.6 KB) (150.8 KB)

2020 Esposito Liscio (78.8 KB)

1994 Reizei Ozone (61.6 KB)

More designs are coming today.


Why dump the designs here instead of posting them in the group thread? If I’m not mistaken they all belong to the group’s brands.

They do, but writing lore is kind of boring and I just prefer dumping my designs here to be honest. I also like giving away .car files quickly.

Edit: Okay, I kind of regret doing this thread now, it makes me seem lazy and I’d just prefer writing lore now. Any mods, can you lock this thread? Sorry for bothering everyone.