Renard Automotive | Mener par l'exemple


Founded in 1981 by 26 year old Antoine Renard in Bordeaux, Renard Automotive (commonly truncated to Renard) is a French automobile manufacturer that specialises in the efficiency of their cars ; both economy-wise and its overall pretensions to their preferred class.

Whilst their lack of experience (hence popularity) can be attributed to the company being founded significantly later than their competition, Renard’s ambitions and tenacity save them from fading into the shadows completely.

Following in the footsteps of Mercedes-Benz, their lineup aren’t given arbitrary names ; rather, they are sorted into classes (in this case, series - as follows) :

C-Series : Coupé (luxury)
CS-Series : Coupésport
E-Series : Compact (economy/city)
H-Series : Heavy Utility (4x4 / ute)
K-Series : Compact (kei/sport)
R-Series : Racing (supercar/hypercar)
RS-Series : Racingsport (Lé Mans, et.)
X-Series : Conceptual designs