Reopening the Fictional Track Request Thread

I'd love to see some other people's tracks, and with the experience, I have gained with trackedit and illustrator, I thought it would be cool to start making other peoples requested tracks. If you have a track layout or a FULL gfx for a track you want to see in Automation, this is the place. I won't be making real-life tracks, as genuinely, I just don't enjoy making them.

If you want a track made imma need a layout/GFX size, automation world location, and extra details you want to give me. I can make tracks quite quickly, so depending on how much I like the track I can probably get it back to you in less than 3 days, no promises though.


Since I can’t put all my tracks in one message (I’m new) I’ll do it in separate messages

I’m writing a novel set in a fictional country, and I’m making racetracks from real-life maps. (The racetracks don’t exist in real life, I just use maps for creating the tracks. (Place the splits as you like :D) For the elevation profile, click on the link, and there click on “Hills”

Track 1 (Based on the streets of Marseille)

Length: 4.66 km
Link with elevation profile: Marseille Track - 5km Route near Marseille (ID: 1474428)

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Track 2 (Based on the streets of Thessaloniki) - counterclockwise, like Marseille

Length: 6.31 km
Link with elevation profile: Thessaloniki Circuit - 6km Route near Θεσσαλονίκη (ID: 1474430)

These two ideas for street circuits remind me of the real-life ones in Monaco, Long Beach and Surfers Paradise, for starters, given that they all have a scenic coastal setting.

In total, it’s nine tracks I made.
I want to use them in Automation to use their lap times in my novel project

Are you still looking for these?

I’m thinking of a long stretch of highway set in a metropolis on a bay, with some long high speed sections that can easily reach 300kph.
Can you say… Wangan Midnight…