Replica Jaguar Engines

Here are a few Jaguar replicas for you.paul_wms - (88.3 KB)paul_wms - (87.8 KB)paul_wms - (92.2 KB) [attachment=2]

1984 to 1997. 3.6 used in XJ-S & XJ-6. 4.0 used in XJR. All aluminium.
*NB Although an I6, in reality this is an inclined straight six engine which is a feature not in the game. Also the 3.4 Turbo that I have included is pure fantasy. The game will not allow replication of the 3.2 as the stroke varies too far from that of the 4.0.

2000 to 2011. A variant of the Ford Duratec V6. All aluminium. VVT. Used in X-Type and S-Type.

1997 on. All Aluminium. VVT & VCT. Used in XK8, XK-R, XJ, XF, Range Rover (LR-V8 Petrol). Aston Martin & Lincoln variants.

Also working on XK6 as used in E-Type and XJ-S

what? you can have inline6s engines in the game.

Thanks for these. Might use some in my concept cars.

WMC - (83.5 KB)[size=150]XK6[/size]

Iron block/Aluminium head. DOHC. Straight Six. Used in (Jaguar) XK120, XK150, Mark 1, Mark II, E-Type, XJ-S & XJ6 amongst others. I only have information for:- Bore, Stroke, Compression & Carbs. Everything else “best fit”. Also there are discrepancies surrounding the use of gross hp and net hp by Jaguar across the time-span, I therefore used the net hp for the 1975 3.4L as a benchmark for the other variants.