Replica King [IDEA]

Ok, i’ll explain to you my idea for a new challenge [size=85](inspired from the PayItForward Design Challenge)[/size]

This challenge is about building real cars replica in Automation; how it works: i’ll choose a real car, you will have 7 days to create a perfect replica on automation, at the end of the 7 days i’ll judge you and i choose the best car, the maker of this car will be the king of the next round, he’ll choose another car, and go on…to the infinite (and beyond).

The better car takes 10pt, the second 4pt.
At the end of the month or the season or something who have more point win.

The cars will be judged about look, platform (it must have the same material, suspension, drivetrain, brakes etc…), engine (configuration, bore, stroke, power, torque etc…) and performance (top speed, 0-100, quarter mile…). The king of the round have all the power to choose which car is better.

This challenge has no need of registration, every round can be done with different players, you can skip a round (but you lose points).

Who likes my idea? Who will partecipate?
If you have suggestion fell free to leave them below.


I would participate!! Just a FYI though I will be on vacation in May so I wont be at the PC for quite some time, I would enter when I can before then though so dont count me in the results, I just want to enter and enjoy :smiley: Ok, maybe a result or two :stuck_out_tongue:

So, entries would be posted on the forum for all to take and view? I think I am missing something.

I like the idea, but agree that to judge properly people would have to post their files when entering!

Well, it’s either this, or our PM boxes would get filled with people sending us file if we were the current King/Queen, since they apparently name their successor?