Return deposits

Hey, can someone explain what return deposits are? I don’t really know what it means and how it works in Automation

It seems like people paid you in advance for some cars and then quite a lot of them wanted their money back :joy: RIP

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It’s a great new mechanic, and closes a major loophole in the campaign. If you fail to deliver cars that were pre-ordered and replace it with another car (either a facelift or a new model) you will be forced to return the deposits that people left for the original car. Also, if you raise your prices for existing trims - some people who already pre-ordered the car might not be able to pay for the new price. So the bigger the price increase for the pre-ordered vehicle, the more deposits are going to get returned.

To minimize or eliminate returned deposits, make sure you have enough production capacity to handle the demand for your cars. That means, build more factories and/or increase the size of your existing factories.

You can find the total number of pre-orders, as well as the monthly increase/decrease in pre-orders by hovering over the monthly deliveries stat in the calendar that corresponds to each trim.

Good luck.