Rhania Lore

Gurangardo Rhania’s story [Part 1]

Birthday: 6/17/1928
Place of origin: Portugal
Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French

White, black hair, brown eyes.

Parents -

Dad: John Rhania, age - 26 (when Gurangardo was 5 years old), U.S soldier, born in Texas. White, black hair, brown eyes, 6’2, 230 lbs

Mom: Maria Rhania, age - 24 (When Gurangardo was 5 years old), Dresser, born in Cuba. Tan, brownish hair, blue eyes, 5’6, 170 lbs

Born in Portugal and lived there for 5 years of his life as an orphan. He was later adopted by a U.S soldier during a tour of Europe of 1933. Gurangardo was then later able to settle with his father in the U.S protectorate near a military air base; Guantanamo, where he would meet his mother who immigrated from Cuba.

Gurangardo would learn both Spanish and English in addition to his preexisting knowledge of Portuguese in order to be in line with the locals and soldiers that came by from time to time.

He went to a local military school in order to get his education which he had been grateful for as it sure did beat being alone during his time in Portugal. While during his free time, he would go near the airbase and watch many soldiers race motorcycles against each other in forms of drag racing or simple circle racing, the fun would continue until their Sargent hollered at them to get back in line. This was his first exposure to racing in general.

Gurangardo would learn trade skills such as welding and plumbing at the age of 13 in order to help his family earn money to be more stable.

Gurangardo’s father would serve in WW2 in 1939 until he came back in 1946 which is when young Gurangardo would be 18 years old at the time. This would be when his father would convince his mother, Maria, to go to the U.S for a better opportunity. Then after many months of arguing, his mother would agree to go to the U.S as long as it was one of the five states: Florida, Texas, California, Georgia, or Louisiana. The choice was made to move to Louisiana as his mother would claim how all her friends were there, and while his father wanted to go to Texas for that’s where his family was, he would know that Louisiana would be the only way to get to the U.S with the family being as one. Then they all moved to Louisiana after a couple months of packing and shipping to their new home in Louisiana.

In 1946, Gurangardo Rhania would soon hear news of a country called Letara which was in need of cars and so he promptly made “Rhania Motors Companhia” as a nod to his Portuguese past but also as someone convinced him to do so as a dare. He would hear the corporate letter of lobbyists and would get one letter by accident, which was by SAETA that had lobbied for a new act and so with his short thinking, he decided to make a letter to them promptly leading many other companies to fear for a bit. He also lied about having a factory in Portugal though it was far from the truth quite literally. This letter would give a false impression of the company but also give him some kind of recognition albeit a bit extreme.

But before that, Gurangardo would miss his grandparents in Guantanamo from his mother’s side, as they were the ones that gave him the most affection. His grandpa would ask him for help with repairing bicycles and tractors while his grandma would request for him to assist her in her baking and basket weaving. He would surely miss them, but he would know that he would have to go to America soon and so he would help them respectfully for one last time before he went.

His family would settle in Louisiana in 1949 at which Gurangardo would be 21. He would work for a tractor company to build and sell tractors at an industrial scale. He would soon learn mechanical and electrical engineering as the years passed by due to his father wishing for him to go to college for engineering.

Gurangardo would soon apply for engineering school accompanied by some welding and wiring trade schools. Gurangardo would soon get a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the age of 26 in 1954.

With his new degree, he looked back to his experience in engineering and decided to make Rhania a reality and so he decided to convince some investors to invest almost $20,000 in his company which to his surprise would have never been thought possible. He then bought a factory in Portugal, Texas, and Cuba in homage to his lineage. The factories in Texas and Cuba would be used to create small time farming equipment, Gurangardo envisioned the Portugal factory to be his car company’s start.

With the investment money, he also hired a team of 2 managers, 3 electricians, 5 designers, 10 engineers, 3 accountants, 2 overseers, 5 spies, a gang in Brazil, and 120 workers. These people would all be needed to help lay out his plan for his company.

The tractor factories at Texas and Cuba were doing well enough to help fund the company as well using bullet proof designs from the tractors he had seen before.

As of 1955, he has bought a ticket to Letara to see the lobbying efforts made to see which rules were being brought up or taken down.

Now smoking a Cuban cigar accompanied with a bottle of Cognac, Gurangardo Rhania has his sights on the competition at the age of 27…

Some dialog -
Gurangardo: “You know what these have not heard of yet? A good car! They’ll put their damned rust buckets on the roads hoping to please the government with their false statements about caring about the citizens of Letara. I’ll bet my life that I’ll never drive anything else, especially a SAETA before I die!”

January 7th, 1955:


  • RG(Rhania Gurangardo): The owner himself


  • RQ(Randy Quezcola)
  • JT(James Talisman)


  • TO(Telman Oruna)
  • SM(Saxton Man)
  • PK(Pierce Kellington)


  • EC(Eric Caine)
  • FA(Ferry Asterisk)
  • BM(Benson Marriot)
  • DR(D’aga Rakoben)
  • LS(Lester Stein)


  • KP(Koraka Potoyoka)
  • WO(Weller Orgustan)
  • KL(Ki’Tehmu Lo’Eiko)
  • HJ(Hugh Jack)
  • TK(Tusk King)
  • NM(Newton Mile)
  • PI(Pele Icarus)
  • GI(Gordon Ion)
  • RE(Rei Eiko)
  • SO(Soyoun Orinko)


  • EO(Emit Olga)
  • BGM(Banner “Gigs” Munster)
  • SW(Swanson West)


  • AA(Adam Antonio)
  • JL(Jensen Lemon)


  • DYK(Dura “Yemon” Koro)
  • MIW(Madame in white(Jenny Yosana))
  • MB(Mr.Black(Johnson Rake))
  • VLX(Von Louis X(Louis Carpenter))
  • HOW(Howard Odell Windsor)

The Brazilian gang(Almas Perididas)

Leader: PG(Pero Gus)
Ambassador: IP(Ida Price)

  • MI(Max Iswell)
  • GRK(Gran Reyard Kendell)
  • RZ(Ranch Zach)
  • SIR(Sid Isdero Racker)


120 people - 20 in Cuba, 40 in Texas, 60 in Portugal.

In the headquarters of Rhania, 1955

RG: “Greetings to all of you, as you know, we as an automobile company have a goal just like any other company; to become the best there ever was.”

JT: “Did that goal get achieved through an attempt on the life of the owner of SAETA?”

RG: “Of course not! This was just a warning to those who believe that cornering the market to themselves would be the only way to success!”

RQ: “Well that would prove the Letaraians that we could not be trusted, as this attempt created some distrust of the public regarding Rhania”

RG: “You do prove a point regarding, however, this event will mark the day of which SAETA should have understood this: Never try to corner the market.”

JT: “Sir, I believe that people side with SAETA’s case with 4 companies backing its case against us. This would be only contribute to more controversy with the people of Letara.”

RG: “Moving on from that, the Letarian government has sent a request for a park ranger vehicle. I suppose it would be wise to make a proposal for them before the year ends. All we have to do is to make a cheap utilitarian vehicle for the park rangers to be able to haul whatever they need without issues.”

JT: “Well, since it is a government contract, it would be a secured choice to go for it first. After all, the government is not asking for much as in regards to vehicle that would be used for overlanding.”

RQ added: “We could also use the tractor parts that are currently being used by farmers into this vehicle which would reduce its cost comparatively to the competition along with the advancements of technology.”

RG: “So what are you guys waiting for? Get to it now!”

JT and RQ: “On it.”


RG: “So men, update me on the status of the Rhania motor companies abroad?”

RQ: "Look, both me and James are already facing many things back home with James facing issues with sales in Texas due to obscurity while Cuba has a change into communism. The fact I got out of the country with 20 other people along with their families is a miracle, though it would be stated that the plant we left in Cuba would be soon be nationalized by the government.”

RG: “You know how much money went into making that factory!? It was supposed to be an investment to help us enter South America and now its gone! Anyways, Randy, any clue as to where the 20 workers went to? They haven’t finished their contract."

RQ: “I don’t know where some of them are, but I do have a good idea of where most of them went to. Reportedly 9 of the workers along with their families went to Florida, 4 of the workers with their family fled to Brazil, 1 went to Egypt for some strange reason, and the other 6 workers are the ones we are not sure of.”

RG: “Well then, I will personally pay for their transportation to come over to Portugal along with housing near the facility.”

JT: “Why are you taking this course of action? The probable course of action that our workers would be to either decline to support their family or being busy with other issues like finding a new home or securing their investments.”

RG: “Well, we need to develop the race car for the upcoming circuit race and we would need all hands on deck to build it. However, with the fact that the Cuban factory has been compromised, we would not be able to fund a car for racing which if we don’t do would be a missed opportunity to get our name into the country which would lead to lower sales which would force us to go under due to the lack of money and a lost factory! To prevent this, we got to race in Letara albeit with a restricted budget.”

JT: “How do you expect to build a winning race car with such budget?”

RG: “Simple, we’ll just use the Hunter chassis to build one ourselves. Plus, we’ll only need a few of them.”

RQ: “You can’t be serious, we’re not going to place a shell on top of a military vehicle and call it a day! It would be beat before we know it!”

RG: “Who said we’re building on top on the chassis?”

RQ and JT confused-

JT: “What do you mean? Are we literally sending an SUV into a race full of purpose built race cars?”

RG: “Yes. Now, we must call the engineers to design and modify it for the race. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to leave for the moment. Do not disappoint me.”

JT and RQ being confused as to what RG said, they decided it was best to do as he commanded-

JT: “Alright, see you later Randy.”

(Lore)(Rhania gets married!!!(This adds to the lore later on, trust me))

1960, Rhania Gurangardo gets married to a Lebanese woman named Camilla Jordan. She and Rhania were a couple 5 years ago as he met her in the library(wow, what a original place to find love).

Camila was a librarian assistant who accidentally tripped and it was Rhania who would happen to be in her vicinity to stop her from hitting the floor. This was of course something that normal people would not consider to be some kind of start of a romantic journey…

Rhania kept going to the library afterwards and kept talking to her until she decided to break the ice and decided that they would be together in a relationship.

Fast forwarding the cute and heart touched moments that you, the reader, would like to know. Rhania proposed and she accepted.

(This would lead a change in Rhania as through the years with her, he became less cut throat and more calming as a character)

If you read this, I am sorry.

Safety for Rhania Increases as Tensions Increases, 1960

4 Specially armored SUVs made for the owner of Rhania, Rhania Gurangardo.

by Henry Salsword

With the heated situation at hand, 4 Rhania Hunter Type-G(Guard)s are now standard protocol for when it comes to transporting Rhania Gurangardo from one place to another whether it is for business or personal things. He would be transported in the finest that Rhania has to offer with a phonograph and a handmade interior just made for him and his guards.

The Type-G is equipped with a 6 liter V8 that provides the beast 463 horsepower which can propel this SUV to speeds of 165 MPH, tow 5,000 pounds, and haul almost 10,000 pounds worth of equipment.

This vehicle will be used to transport Rhania in the coming years that someone may try to against him for what he stands. This vehicle will be able to seat 7 people if need be as 3 of them are filled with guards while one of them has a nurse, 3 guards, and 3 seats for Rhania or some other occupants as well.

This note shall be made to any other company to do the same as there are people who would enact in conspiracies made to harm anyone. This is a note that all company leaders ride in safety to escape a mob that may be the end of them.(Legal note: I am not placing the hits nor doing anything mentioned)