Ridge Racer: Ryan Barton Design Headquarters 2

Hey there, y’all! Me again. I have been working on my vehicles lately and I was wondering if you had any cars you would like to put in my collection. Unless you’re a staff member, I have a few rules you MUST read before posting ANYTHING on this thread. FOLLOW THEM OR GET REPORTED!!! (okay, it’s not that mean, but if you are a regular user planning on using this thread, I’d still like you to respect the rules, even if you don’t like them)

Keep in mind all designs submitted will be posted on BeamNG.com and I will put your name in the post and mention you in any YouTube presentations where the car is shown. (Likely in the description) This is a design competition. Private-message me or post below a finished .car file and your name will be put in a random drawing for a chance to win a free specialty vehicle straight from our studio! Current Prize: Kizashi EFC8

See about it here: https://ridgeracerrb.weebly.com/store.html

December 2, 2019 update: I will private-message you with the prize. If you can’t do this, please specify. Be warned, however, that if you say you can’t do this I will have no other choice but to remove your name from the drawing. (Your vehicle will stay in BeamNG.drive) In the drawings after the Dec. 7th one, please upload the .car in your post or P.M. me!

December 9, 2019 update: I will no longer be taking emails for .car files, please P.M. me instead. We will be having drawings for the current prize up until the first of the year, when we will be giving away a new prize. Prizes will change every month for the foreseeable future, but the next prize in line will always be kept a secret.

December 12, 2019 update: PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY AND CAREFULLY: You cannot post anything in here that is NOT related to cars after today, and that goes for newcomers and previous users as well. This new rule is not to be mean or piss anybody off, but to keep new and old members of this thread from being scared away, and to ensure that EVERYBODY (including the staff) has a spanking good time. From now on, if you have something to say, kindly P.M. me and I will do my best to help you out. Thanks!

December 14 update: I want to encourage the staff to compete as well, because I feel as though we leave them out of everything. This does NOT necessarily mean they have an advantage, because the prize winner is decided by a random drawing. The staff are exempt from all above rules. Other users are NOT. So, if you are NOT a staff member, please follow the rules or I will report you to the actual staff. Thanks!

Now, let’s see what you can come up with.

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Revo Motor Company

2020 - Shenshou Revival

Developed from F1 cars and LMP1 cars the Shenshou Revival is based upon the Shenshou Jing with a newly developed 2.0L V8 with F1 technology and materials. That allows it to rev to a ridiculously high redline of 11,200RPM and at its peak it produces 580BHP.

Revo Motor Company - Shenshou Revival - Revo_Motor_Company_-_Shenshou_Revival.car (34.1 KB)

Revo - Redefine the Revolution


Nice! You’re in!

Cheers @RidgeRacerRyanBarton, I do highly recommend you drive the Shenshou Revival in Beamng it’s stupid quick and handles like a dream.

Can I submit a rally car?

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yes you can, @Arvok1. Sorry to be so late, we’ll have the drawing later today or tomorrow.

That’s an enormous amount of power from such a small engine - and 11200 rpm is well into Valkyrie territory.

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Everybody participating must read this:
There is only one participant design so far, that is @Valiant_Chord’s, and that means there really is no competition. I thought maybe I could give it a day or two to warm up a little, however it looks like this will take longer than I expected. So I am going to give it until the next drawing date, and if @Valiant_Chord is still the only design on this page, he gets DOUBLE the prize. Thanks for your time, and I apologize for any inconvenience.

P.S. : @Valiant_Chord that car is absolutely through the roof! Highly recommend! I used it for a test run at Paperclip Park and it’s a star!


@RidgeRacerRyanBarton the Shenshou Revival is pretty much the ultimate culmination of all my tuning and experimenting in automation, as all I ever really build now are stupid high horsepower, lightweight race cars and the Shenshou Revival is simply the next level. Also Thanks for the vote of confidence

I made a 1.7L V6 before I made the V8 which has around 470BHP, but revs all the way to 12,000RPM

I am SO glad me and @RidgeRacerRyanBarton convinced our friend not to join Automation. The rule is to be nice and all he does is shitpost about anything and everything. At least, that’s what it seems like. What do you think @RidgeRacerRyanBarton?

A little strange to comment on a thread that hasn’t seen anything in 4 months but okay…

I am SO glad user @sveris45 convinced their friend not to join Automation. The rule is to be nice and apparently @sveris45 literally broke that rule complaining about his friend breaking it. At least, that’s what it seems like. What do you think @RidgeRacerRyanBarton?


Before you read this please know that with this post I do not mean to do any rule-breaking.

I think I agree with @yangx2. We want to make doubly sure everybody has a good time here. I opened this thread to get car designs, not complaints. And no, that wasn’t a complaint. @sveris45, when you and I talked to our dear friend, we were just asking him not to come because he would break the rules repeatedly and we didn’t want him to get into trouble and have the admins breathing down his neck. Please just be a little nicer.

I understand. I’m very sorry.

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I wanna try and liven this thread back up is that possible?

I know it’s incredibly late to post this, but I really want to see your design. Show me plz!!!

@sveris45 this thread is pretty much done for. I would appreciate it if you didn’t continue to bump this thread, I know how that ends and it’s not fun. Just a request, that’s all.