Ridge Racer: Ryan Barton Design Headquarters

Hey there, y’all! Me again. I have been working on my vehicles lately and I was wondering if you had any cars you would like to put in my collection. I have a few rules you MUST read before posting ANYTHING on this thread. FOLLOW THEM OR GET REPORTED!!! (okay, it’s not that mean, but if you plan on using this thread, I’d still like you to respect the rules, even if you don’t like them)

Keep in mind all designs submitted will be posted on BeamNG.com and I will put your name in the post and mention you in any YouTube presentations where the car is shown. (Likely in the description) This is a design competition. Private-message me or post below a finished .car file and your name will be put in a random drawing for a chance to win a free specialty vehicle straight from our studio! Current Prize: Asaki 95 Vision GT

December 2, 2019 update: I will private-message you with the prize. If you can’t do this, please specify. Be warned, however, that if you say you can’t do this I will have no other choice but to remove your name from the drawing. (Your vehicle will stay in BeamNG.drive) In the drawings after the Dec. 7th one, please upload the .car in your post or P.M. me!

December 9, 2019 update: I will no longer be taking emails for .car files, please P.M. me instead. We will be having drawings for the current prize up until the first of the year, when we will be giving away a new prize. Prizes will change every month for the foreseeable future, but the next prize in line will always be kept a secret.

December 12, 2019 update: PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY AND CAREFULLY: You cannot post anything in here that is NOT related to cars after today, and that goes for newcomers and previous users as well. This new rule is not to be mean or piss anybody off, but to keep new and old members of this thread from being scared away, and to ensure that EVERYBODY (including the staff) has a spanking good time. From now on, if you have something to say, kindly P.M. me and I will do my best to help you out. Thanks!

December 14 update: I want to encourage the staff to compete as well, because I feel as though we leave them out of everything. This does NOT necessarily mean they have an advantage, because the prize winner is decided by a random drawing. The staff are exempt from all above rules. Other users are NOT. So, if you are NOT a staff member, please follow the rules or I will report you to the actual staff. Thanks!


P.S. Let me get the ball rolling with two original designs of my own, the (left to right)
Solvalou Yamaneko & the regular Asaki 95

Now, let’s see what you can come up with.

is there any sort of limitation aS to what type of cars are put here?

No, there’s not. Sorry I took so long to answer @Elizipeazie

Anybody else want to design to win the VGT car?

Hey, here comes what you could do(and prolly would get more people in): make a challenge for the best redesign of your cars

Not a bad idea! Think you can do it, @Arvok1?

@RidgeRacerRyanBarton This seems interesting. I shall give you one of my cars… Though I can’t email you. But I can just put it here so anybody can have it!

Tanaka Crezta 2.0 D Japanese Taxi

Perfect for recreating mid-1980s Japan or recreating Japan as a whole… It is powered by a fake 2 litre I4 Turbo Diesel. Enjoy…

Car file: Tanaka Crezta - 2.0 D Japanese Taxi (Livery #1).car (117.8 KB)

Since you want to put it in beam.ng, I do have one request, change the sound file to a 4 cylinder diesel one (like the one from the ETK 4 cylinder diesel models). If you can’t do that then that’s fine…


Now that is a good-lookin’ machine. You’re in!

@Aaron.W I apologize, but I couldn’t put a diesel engine in, plus the game removed some of the fixtures, so I had to do without them. But I was able to replace some of them with alike fixtures, so we should be good to go. Thanks for understanding!


Here is this, ill upload the .car in a bit



I’m back, y’all! The rules have been UPDATED. (see top)


Kitsune Akagi (RA1S)

ill upload the .car file in a bit


Drawing held in thirty secs… sit tight…


@Aaron.W! Congrats on your win of the Asaki VGT! You should receive the files via private-message either tonight or tomorrow.
P.S.: Those who did not win will still have their designs posted AND have their names put in the next drawing on Dec. 14, tell your friends!
(this does not mean you have to enter another design, however you may if you like.)

That’s gotta be one of the finest coupes in the competition. Posted!

@DukeOFhazards are you going to post the .car? Not to be rude, but I’m getting REALLY anxious to see this on my track AND in the Dec. 14 drawing!