Ridge State Grand Prix 1 ~~{Ideas and Discussion}~~

Welcome to the world of Ridge State, the home of drift racing.

The RSGP is a fast-paced championship which relies on the art of the drift. Using the drift, the driver can regain their nitrous and use the nitrous to their advantage. With this, the “combination” with Automation is very simple; it depends on the amount of oversteer/understeer created by your car (which will then be classified as Mild, Standard, or Dynamic drift type) and your lap times.

In the RSGP, not all machines are created equally. There are 4 classes of cars; Class 4, Class 3, Class 2, and Class 1. Class 4 is the basic class for lower-powered machines including the timeless Kamata Fiera and brand-new Sinseong Motors Jujak. These can be upgraded to Class 3, 2, and 1. Class 2 is when supercars begin to come in, with classics like the Assoluto Fatalita and Soldat Raggio as well as newcomers such as the Terrazi Centelee and Kamata RC410.

For this championship, all the machines will be in Class 2. This class will include high-powered supercars fresh from the factory and modified cars which were specially tuned by the manufacturer.

Some of the regulations include…

-Advanced Safety with no quality.
-Semi Slick tires with no quality.
-A maximum total price in the market tab of $85,000 with 0% markup.
-A basic interior and no infontainment system.
-A maximum of 5 lb/hp (2.268 kg/hp)
-Year is set to 2017.
-Racing parts are allowed.

As you can see, this competition is very free; you are allowed to create a variety of different machines. However, you must take our drift rules into account.

[hide=Drift Types]
Machines which grip until the very end, fading into understeer, will be labeled as “Mild.”
Machines which grip until the very end, fading into oversteer, are to be called “Standard.”
Machines which oversteer at the limit are “Dynamic” machines.

You may be wondering what the importance is. Well, with machines which oversteer, they will suffer on track. However, they in turn will have a drift bonus; their nitrous re-charges faster. Because of this, their final track time will be shortened in comparison. All machines will use the same formula.
F->Final Time
T->Original Time (seconds)
L->Length of track (km) C->Number of corners
D->Drift Type (Mild is .02, Standard is .03, Dynamic is .05)

F = T - T(L/C x D)[/hide]
You may enter your own machines, or you may develop yours with the companies listed below. We are likely to accept 3 machines from each manufacturer and 5 machines of independent manufacturers, for a total of 20 machines.

[hide=RSGP Veteran Manufacturers]

Âge / Âge Solo
“Âge was founded by Louis Âge, who made his first machine in 1898 at 21 years old. Nowadays, their cars are easy yet fun to drive and are being pushed into a more upmarket level. Âge Solo is the performance division of Âge.”

“Assoluto was formed by an Italian racing driver in the early 20th century; this shows with their vehicles. A mainstay in the RSGP and frequent champion, machines like the Fatalita and Bisonte are known for their nearly perfect handling characteristics.”

“Danver, who bought out Lizard, produces cars which are almost typically American; the speed and acceleration produced is enormous, but at the limit the oversteer makes cars like the Bayonet sports machines and Hijack pickup truck extremely difficult to drive.”

“Gnade produces luxury machines with an essential hint of German precision and performance. The Esperanza is their flagship luxury coupe, although their G00 is the true star of the show.”

“Himmel, famous for their E.O, is based in Germany. The E.O., while it is rear-engined, is almost impossibly stable at low and high speeds and has razor-sharp handling almost unseen at the relatively low price point the machine is sold at.”

“A Japanese company widely known for their all-round capabilites, Kamata produces machines which are not only inexpensive, but easy to drive. The classic Fiera is one of the first choices for any aspiring racing driver.”

Lucky & Wild
“Lucky & Wild is an American sports machine manufacturer which was founded in 1993. The Evolver, the overall champion of the 2011 RSGP, is known for it’s brutal power and difficult handling, whilst the smaller and more expensive Wisdom is somewhat less unruly.”

Sinseong Motors
“Sinseong Motors is a vehicle manufacturer who specializes with high-tech and modern machines which appeal to young audiences, as seen with their High-Tech Sports coupe, the Jujak. They are based in South Korea.”

“Soldat is an Italian supercar company which, after 2000, bought out Rivelta. The 2005 Meltfire was the final vehicle produced by Rivelta and Soldat before all Rivelta design centers were closed in 2006. Soldat generally produces high-speed, naturally aspirated vehicles with a distinctive throaty engine note.”

“Founded by Shoichiro Teraji, Terrazi is a major motorcycle manufacturer making its debut in Real Racing Roots '99 as a car manufacturer. They’re known for their engines that are likened to precision instruments and unusual body designs.”


It would be a crime for me not to enter :smile:

We should also have a special machines thread that is judge purely on creativity and batshitness.

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Oho, I see what you did there :joy:

At first I was like did Evan not notice a drift tourney is in development but this, this is completely different. Please do carry on!

Is this challenge really based on Ridge Racer 7, a PS3 launch title (which I never played but still liked nonetheless)? By the way, according to the series canon, Danver used to be called Lizard in the earlier games - if I am not mistaken.

At any rate, I am considering entry in this challenge, but would prefer to develop a vehicle from any of the 9 preexisting manufacturers.

I think you guys know what i’m going to do. :smirk:

To anyone who doesn’t know what racing in the RSGP is like, here is RSGP 13 from 2006 starring machines from Class 4. The filmed car is the 2006 Assoluto Fatalita.


Cornering at 230MPH, lol :smile:


Hey everyone, I know this is a massive bump, but I’d really like to rejuvenate the challenge. If you’re interested, please reply to the thread. Thank you!

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There is one rule that you seem to have forgotten: what fuel type(s) are we required to use?

I think I was thinking of joining this but the drift thing I didn’t get.

98 RON.

Put simply, if you purposely tune your car to oversteer, you will get poor lap times but you could theoretically make up for the time difference using the drifting nitrous boost.

Is this thing still alive? If so, I would seriously consider entering, sounds fun.

One question: The drift formula indicates that dynamic drifters would get a huge bonus for a 10km track with 2 corners but only a minute one for a 2km track with 10 corners. Shouldn’t that be the other way around (i.e. F = T - T(C/L x D)), as it’s corners where drifters suffer and gain nitro to catch up on the straights - more corners = more drifts = more nitrous? Or am I getting things wrong here?

I am here to enter two machines. One will be revealed today and the other will be revealed tomorrow. The first one is:

Pegassi VIZIV Le Mans (Team Pegassi Racing #2)

Please visit my thread, Ridge Racer: Ryan Barton Design Headquarters, for a chance to have your car design posted as an official RRRB machine on BeamNG.drive!!!

im sorry to say but this challenge is pretty much done for, it’s 2 years old and hasn’t even started

Do you want me to take over with my own collection @schultzie?

This was a challenge idea I had made almost 3 years ago (sheesh). Please don’t continue bumping this old thread and make sure to check the date that these threads were made on.