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Ridiculous engines

Look, I’m sort of fascinated by purpose build engines.

This doesn’t mean it’s for a specific sort of application though, no no;
I mean they only exist to make some very, very unnecessarily high or low slider setting… sort of work.
E. g. making a 1970 10L V8, putting it transverse in a car and making it run.

I’m aware that this kind of overkill sandbox construction is something everybody has tried at least once, but given that there are few threads for what are basically meme engines, I thought I’d make one…?

Also this is in general Sharing because I do like to build the complete package, including a basic design and some tuning.

This is basically a thread to show how much the current balancing is to be exploited :DDD

But yeah, I thought this is the thread for my R/D ‘what can I make work’ cars, though, everyone is encouraged to contribute :v

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Big Boi from 1970.
No Quality slider abuse, I think.
Actually scores ~150 in muscle premium

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hol up this ain’t transverse
still overkill

HIGH CARBS also torque

Smol Boi
this time with 1500% more quality sliders!

tight fit

150% fill factor

this is fine

somethings wrong, I can feel it

you ever just stick your car into highest ear and let it idle on the freeway?

To give just one example, a 7.9L flat-six is too large to be practical or realistic, but it delivers loads of power, even without quality spam.

More to the point, your screenshots show that while some bodies have smaller engine bays than they deserve, other bodies may have the complete opposite problem - but for people wanting to stuff huge engines in them (including you), it turns out to be a boon.

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this is beautiful


I think it would sell IRL.

what’s the material cost?


$140,514.6 in service costs.

solid gold. both figuratively and in costs xD

Whaddaya guess this car is?
Probably not this

Finaly a use for this body type :)))) Exploitation, amiright.

Also there is the lovely Utility Sport Premium segment.

Turns out body age penalty is homeopathic.

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Do you want to be the King of the Road?

Did you look at a crashtest and thought: “Hey, I wanna drive that wall”?

Do you hate road infrastructure?

Introcucing: 5 1/2 Tons of steel, with a 16L engine that runs on crude oil, aka the OMEGA HVY

5240 kilos / 11552 pounds of road hazard only limited by the crank,
other features include:
A fake Turbo which you can activate at home to crate a 50 pound bomb under your hood;
A load capacity of 9282 kg / 20 thousand lb for 9 people including your mum
4 wheel drive
106 Safety stat aka ultimate succer mom car which takes aprox. as long to add as the boy and the engine are apart in age (1980/2020) because nobody fixed that yet
8400l + 3560l = 11960 liters of cabin volume! That’s more than twelve!
85l of fuel economy for 188 km/ / 116 mp/h;

The engine in this bad boy can fit an effective 16286 ml of water in it (if you remove the internals),
the block alone weighs some 400 kg / 881 lb / an elephant
and overall 907 kg / 2000 lb!
It runs on any oily liquid and is tuned to not blow off the 50 kg crank, beause it’s engineered to add weight.
The material can alternitavely be recycled into a full car.
Even though it is massive it pales in comparison to the 3.8 meters /149 inches of wheelbase of the actual car :v

Note: This is augmented by quality sliders, or in this case crustiness sliders, and the driving assists add a lot of engeneering time. not as mich as the safet though, pls adress


2 tourqe spikes?


42.6% Thermal Efficiency from a 4.15L Twin Turbo V8

looks like the power curve of an italian sportsbike