Rivera Motors LLC. (Finished Cars)

This is where i will post overviews and downloads of finished cars from my main brand, Rivera.

2020-2024 Rivera Tachyon

Screenshot 2024-04-02 201907

Fast, reliable, efficient, practical, and downright insane. All words that describe the brand’s premier V12 supercar.
Packed with a potent, 700 horsepower naturally aspirated ITB V12, the Tachyon screams its way to 60 MPH in breakneck time, while sending the power straight to the front and rear wheels.

The Tachyon is globally considered one of the last warriors from a dying breed of unadulterated performance supercars, after the fall and hybridization of Lamborghini and Ferrari. Rivera’s CEO, Rowan Jules stated that the Tachyon “Will and always will have a internal combustion engine, until someone tells us we can’t.”

For almost 570,000 USD, this amazing masterpiece on 22-inch rims, can be yours.

Detail stats:
Top speed: 287-290 MPH
0-60: 2.7 seconds
1/4 mile time: 9.65 seconds
Curb weight: 2,341 pounds
Power/Weight Ratio: 0.46
Gearbox: 7 speed gated manual
Drivetrain: All-wheel drive
Aspiration: Naturally Aspirated
Fuel economy: 23.8 mpg street, 27 mpg highway
Engine configuration: 60 degree V12
Horsepower: 724 HP
Redline: 8,900 RPM
MSRP: $300,000 (Standard trim) to $570,000 USD (Luxury or Super Performance trims)


The side air intakes are a bit too rear
But it looks good

A decidedly unhinged car on paper, but I wonder what a RWD version would be like - lighter, purer, and closer to the company’s mission statement. Also, instead of an iron block, a billet aluminum or heavy aluminum/silicon alloy block would make it even lighter.

The current RWD is a bit too hard to drive

To be honest, you spend your money on fuel efficiency, and I think it’s too wasteful, and high-quality fuel systems are expensive

By the way, this car does not meet emissions regulations


I made the car in Sandbox, and I wanted the car to atleast have a hint of efficiency for long drives and road trips.

The Tachyon is meant to be driven, and driven hard. If it was real, I would hate for it to be locked up in some grandpa’s garage.

93 fuel type might not be the best idea though, i could have settled for 91.

2024 Rivera Verdette

The Verdette,
Originally released in the 2007 model year to compete with the Dodge Viper and the Corvette, the Verdette is a completely unique car of it’s own nowadays.
When paired with the 865 horsepower 6.3 liter V12, and the 7-speed gated manual, the Verdette soars across both highways and straightaways.
A formidable weapon both on the track and on the street, it very clearly stacks up with it’s older sister, the Tachyon.
(No, Verdette is not a wordplay on “Viper” and “Corvette”, although it sounds like one)

Detail stats: (WIP)
MSRP: $130,000 USD


I don’t think it’s a good choice to install a CD machine in a 2024 car

I think i should fix the center console, i’ll change it a bit rq