Rivera Motorsports

Rivera Motorsports, or alternatively Rivera, Rivera Group, or Rivera Motors, was founded in 1995, by a small group of automotive engineers who were hoping to make much better cars than the ones that were on the current market.
Rivera experimented with many different techniques and designs, and made many impressive concept cars before churning out their own production cars in 2004, making slow but steadily rising sales figures.

Rivera currently produces sporty, driver-oriented sedans, hatchbacks, coupes, SUVs, trucks, and specializes in their eye-watering fast Tachyon hypercar.
Currently, Rivera manufactures several models, such as the Tachyon and Neutrino hypercars, the lovable Verdette and Juliette coupes, the Neptune and Passion sedan/hatchbacks, the Jupiter and Saturn SUVs, the huge Paladin supertruck, and the Tiny emission-compliance microcar.

Rivera’s cars are known by the car community for being rich in proper engineering and innovation, useful drive-improving features, easily workable engine bays and components, readily available replacement parts, and great reliability.
Because of these factors, Rivera vehicles are celebrated and cherished by their owners and the car community. Many mods exist for the Rivera lineup, past and present, and they are very easy to do engine swaps, forced induction and intake kits, widebodying, and aero kits.

As of January 2024, Rivera is the 6th largest sports car manufacturer by sales figures.

Rivera Tachyon Super Performance

Quad-turbo V12
312 mph top speed
1.98 0-60
10,000 rpm redline
8-speed dual clutch transmission
1,722 hp
1,028 pound ft of torque
Pushrod suspension
Quadrace top-of-the-line AWD system
20 mpg road/25 mpg highway
Carbon fiber body and monoque
$2,300,000 MSRP
In production: No, concept car. 4 models made in total.
The Tachyon is a hypercar in a class of its own. Designed as a competitor to the Mclaren Speedtail, it has remarkably slippery aerodynamics and even greater braking and cornering performance. Although it lacks in the comfort and grip departments, it makes up for it in pure, unadulterated speed and acceleration. It’s rare quad-turbo DOHC V12 makes astonishing stock horsepower, and sends it straight through both the front and rear axles. And although it is quite heavy as well, you cannot talk badly of it’s quarter-mile lap times.


Just mental.

Rivera Verdette

Twin-turbo 3 inline-6
253 mph top speed
2.54 0-60
9000 RPM Redline
8-speed dual-clutch transmission
930 hp
668 pound ft of torque
Double wishbone/multilink suspension
Quadrace AWD system
22 mpg
Carbon fiber body and monoque
$175,000 MSRP
2 door coupe
In production: Yes, 650 models per year

Summary: The Verdette is marketed as Rivera’s ultimate all-around GT coupe. It does well on the track, keeps you entertained in traffic and on country backroads, and does well on the daily drive.

It’s got a comfortable ride, is decently reliable, and sounds like no other car in its class. It certainly is a great car for the hefty price tag.

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Not as unhinged as the Tachyon, but still a wild machine by any measure. A sub-3L I6 may not be the most prestigious choice for a hyper GT, though.

Rivera Juliette

Turbocharged 2-ish liter inline-4
201 mph top speed
2.9 second 0-60
8000 RPM redline
8-speed dual clutch transmission
388 horsepower
348 pound-ft of torque
28 mpg
2898 pounds
Light aluminum body and monoque
Macpherson strut/multilink suspension
Quadrace AWD system
$46,000 MSRP
2 door, 4 seat coupe
In production: Yes, 1,050 models per year

Summary: The Juliette is one stupidly reliable, efficient, and aggressive affordable sports coupe. Its 3 second 0-60 time is made possible by its slippery curves, generously powerful 4-banger, and the weight saving materials put into it.
As with most of the lineup, the Quadrace AWD system pours power to each wheel, and cuts it when necessary. The only downside to this tiny sleeper, is that it lacks in the comfort department, and leaves some things desired when it comes to the suspension


Some new cars are in the works right now, trying to master a few things but they gonna be good ofc!!

New poster dropped:

Cars from left to right order:

Production model Rivera Tachyon, Rivera Juliette, Rivera Neptune, Rivera Seaside, Rivera Verdette, Rivera Passion, Rivera Orion

(Might redo this tommorow, the lighting was a bit crappy.)

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New from Rivera Motors, the Verdette 2024 model year is now receiving a V8 engine trim!

The new V8 model features an engine similar to Chevrolet’s LT1 engine, except it has been boosted with a twin-turbo setup. It also includes a lighter Quadrace AWD system like the inline-6 model, and it will also come with a RWD model at a later date.
Another difference between the inline-6 and V8 model, is that the V8 has a new hood scoop to help better fit the engine and for air induction.

Would you get this new 'Vette beater?

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