RM Company

The company RMC is my first car RMC Flare. I think it is suitable for everyday trips around town or outings. Although it seems to me that the installed engine is not quite perfect for the city.
The future plans include the creation of a sufficiently powerful vehicles for a wide range of consumers. Perhaps even the emergence of a car with the emphasis on sportiness.
P.S. Please don’t laugh if anything, with English I have a very bad. :wink:

RMC Flare - Rev2.lua (80.4 KB)
16 I4 1.6LRev1.lua (43.3 KB)

Great first effort.

Thank you, glad that you liked.

I think that the front is very well designed. I don’t think that the back has as good of a design.

PS: Your English is very good.

[quote=“jhd1124”]I think that the front is very well designed. I don’t think that the back has as good of a design.

PS: Your English is very good.[/quote]

Restyling? Well, I think that this can be done.

And what if it is?

I like this one a lot more!

Very good car for a first one! But I’d suggest converting to maybe a 5 or 6 speed transmission, which will both improve your acceleration and your economy, as well as allowing you to have an “Overdrive” for extremely little in terms of costs.

Well, I think tonight will deal with this. :wink:
With 6 speed mechanics Flare really tal more dynamic. It also reduced the fuel consumption of 1 liter

Well, I think the time has come to present to the public a new RM creation Company. Please be seated: [size=150]RMC Cord[/size]!
This car driven by the desire to provide a simple buyer feel like driving a sports car. Of course he’s way to full of sports cars, but their money it costs. When you buy you get a stylish body design and a 1.2 liter engine under the hood, capable of producing 83 horsepower. Very not bad for 700 kg car. But supplements it is a 6 speed manual transmission, giving the driver full control over the resulting power. n conclusion, I want to say that I certainly understand that to get the full car in this version is impossible, but as I said, it’s purpose and was not raised.

RMC Cord - Rev1.lua (81.2 KB)

Quite a lot of Exhaust for such a small engine. But I like it.

It was originally in the turbo version, but the air tubes sticking out of the bumper and had to be cut. :smiley:

So, after a long hiatus, I present to you my new creation: RMC Ranger! :wink: In contrast to previous models, the Ranger is a typical workhorse, which is perfect for those who live outside the city. It is possible to go fishing or hunting. This contributes to the full drive and the availability of LSD-axle. In addition to this Ranger is equipped with an excellent set of lighting equipment. And supplemented this is a great 6-cylinder turbocharged engine.

RMC - Ranger.lua (20.2 KB)
Jeep - 3.0L I6T.lua (46.6 KB)

These front lights system is hideous.

As they say tastes differ. In my off-road machine is very important coverage. In General turned out to be what we have. :wink: