Road Rally - 1952 Corso di Fruinia [FINAL RESULTS]

The Organizzazione del Corso di Fruinia cordially invites all manufacturers and private persons to register for competition!

Rallegrati tutti! For we have conquered the dark days of the war and a new dawn of creativity has taken charge of our car industry. What better forum to demostrare what your cars can do than a trip across the sometimes beautiful and the sometimes lacking roads of rural Fruinia.

We welcome everyone to enter - and every our amici dall’America have voiced their interests so far - our Corso di Fruinia. Whether production car, race car or shed-built custom vehicle, you may compete.

We only require that your car has working headlights, taillights and indicators. Safety is fully your own responsabilità. We highly recommend making a macchina that is both sturdy and reliable.

Entrants will all compete against each other but also be categorized into cinque categorie:

  • below (and including) 799cc
  • 800cc to 1399cc
  • 1400cc to 2199cc
  • 2200cc to 3299cc
  • above (and including) 3300cc

Manufacturers may enter a vehicle in each category. There will be a manufacturers title as well.

We also value a measure of socialismo here in Fruinia, for that reason a points system will be used to give an advantage for the cheapest car - l’auto del popolo - achieving the best time.

Buona fortuna e viaggi magnificetici!

So that translate to:

  • Any car produced up to and including 1952 is allowed (all workshop mods allowed).

  • Every user is allowed but in no way required to enter a vehicle in every engine size category.

  • I will drive every car on BeamNG on 3 time trials with mixed surface, to simulate dodgy early 50s road conditions. These will be the three stages of the competition. I will drive every car once on each track (although I’ll drive it beforehand on other maps to get familiar with it). I will do my utmost best and will drive carefully yet fast, but if I spin out, you lose time. If I crash and cannot continue, you DNF.

  • While I believe a good and realistically built and tuned car in Automation is a good car in BeamNG, I will foresee a bonus for cars with good (better than average) drivability in Automation that end up driving badly in BeamNG (if the person - on their word of honour) declares not to own BeamNG. The size of this bonus will be determined on the basis of all the times, but proportionate to how high the drivability is over average.

  • There are no restrictions on the vehicle in Automation apart from production date before and including 1952, but there are some safeguards (see below).

  • Reliability will play a roll as each of the stage times will be subject to three random rolls based on your reliability to simulate mechanical breakdowns. These add time to your stage time. Here it might also play a role if you remove all seats except one. The car might be lighter, but you cannot take a navigator. That navigator might be useful to help in case of negative breakdowns. Cars without place for navigator will take twice as long to repair.

  • To counter quality spam, the total price of your vehicle will be compared against the average via a points system relative to the stage time. Points will also be given for the stage time itself. There will be two winners. The one purely in time, and the one in terms of those two quotations added up. This counts both for the overall winners, as well as the winners per category.

  • Lore and realistic vehicles (production, race spec/stripped) with background story are heavily encouraged.

DEADLINE for submissions: Friday 31 August 2018.

To submit:

Introduce your car (or cars, in one or more posts) below; and

PM me the exported .car file:

Car model: 1952CORSO - Username.
Car trim: Name of the car.
Engine family: 1952CORSO - Username.
Engine variant: Engine name/code.

Please mention if you own BeamNG or not at the time of submission of the .car file.

Limited feedback of BeamNG performance will be given if submitted before Friday 17 August when you don’t own BeamNG.

Entries processed so far:

Player # Car Class
DukeOFhazards 0 Birmingham Nemesis V12 '52 3300-…
DukeOFhazards 4 Birmingham Brickham V8 race '49 2200-3299
Stm316 5 Puttzalong 51 Inglese Corso '51 2200-3299
Stm316 6 Puttzalong 51 Inglese Rod '51 3300-…
Mikonp7 7 Pfeil-Vogtland Corso '52 2200-3299
Albacete84a 8 TMW Frieden RW '47 800-1399
NormanVauxhall 9 Znopresk Z849 '46 …-799
LinkLuke 11 LLA URS150 Mk2 '52 1400-2199
BoostandEthanol 12 Corsa 1337 Sports '52 800-1399
Madrias 13 Bricksley Chieftain '52 2200-3299
NormanVauxhall 14 Znopresk Z1452 '52 800-1399
Chickenbiscuit 21 LMC Spectre RS1400 '52 800-1399
JohnWaldock 22 JHW SR220 '52 1400-2199
Murokmakto 24 Tannberg Apollon R '48 1400-2199
JohnWaldock 25 JHW SR250 '52 2200-3299
MrChips 26 FABEL Etoile 1400 Super '49 800-1399
Machalel 27 Epoch RPE 001 '52 3300-…
Chipskate 28 Bowen mk1 2200 Prototype '52 1400-2199
pasinenkovarpos 36 Arpos Manta RS3.3 '52 2200-3299
LinkLuke 37 LLA TRS200 '52 2200-3299
Echowaffle8 46 Aeros Shrew FWD Prototype '52 …-799
Echowaffle8 47 Aeros Jackrabbit '49 2200-3299
Der_Bayer 50 Cisalpina Tipo 50 Spyder '50 800-1399
Murokmakto 53 Tannberg Gladius 1.3 R '52 800-1399
Rodnas_BR 54 Barato Motors 800 Sport Race '52 …-799
Crash77 59 Pomodoro 340 T '52 3300-…
Mythrin 60 Ceder Abeille 760 '48 …-799
MrChips 61 Scagliati 265 Veneto Corsa '47 2200-3299
Echowaffle8 62 Aeros S Van '52 800-1399
Nivracer 63 KMC 800 Roadster '52 …-799
Dorifto_Dorito 69 Merciel Modele 1949 Modele 49 Course '49 …-799
Machalel 75 Epoch Model 20 Race '51 1400-2199
Nicking HC 76 Juggernaut Automotive Familyman CS '50 800-1399
MrChips 83 Sovereign 500 Luxe '49 3300-…
HighOctaneLove 85 Puttzalong 51 Inglese by Leeroy '51 2200-3299
HighOctaneLove 86 Bogliq Mutineer Engage by Leeroy '51 1400-2199
HighOctaneLove 88 Wentworth Womble '46 800-1399
Machalel 89 Epoch Model 10C Modifica '49 …-799
phale 92 Penrose Customs 800 '52 …-799
Alib 93 Condo Sprint '51 …-799
Machalel 94 Epoch Model 10-2A Race '51 800-1399
Alib 95 Bramble Bismuth 6 '52 2200-3299
Alib 96 Bramble Envoy '52 1400-2199
Alib 97 Bramble Bismuth '52 800-1399
phale 99 Penrose Customs 1400 '52 800-1399
Echowaffle8 114 Aeros Wombat '51 1400-2199
Stm316 123 Epoch Model 20 – Modified '50 1400-2199
MartinPL 130 Lutoza Prot. 01 '50 800-1399
MartinPL 166 Lutoza Prot. 02 '51 2200-3299
Mythrin 202 ACS 2000SS '52 1400-2199
Elektrycerz 212 Eagle 202 '52 1400-2199
UndercoverHardwareman 220 Giusseppe G220 Roadster 2200-3299
vmo 250 Marcello Tipo 300 '50 …-799
VicVictory 305 Townsend Model 305 Toledo Works '52 3300-…
MrComputah 314 Caliban Type SC Rev. 1 '51 2200-3299
abg7 326 Hanson Halberd 3.2 '52 2200-3299
VicVictory 342 Ardent Midnight 342 Motorsport '52 1400-2199
VicVictory 362 Ardent Midnight 362 Motorsport '52 2200-3299
VG33E 387 Arkani T40 V12 Race Spec '51 3300-…
Echowaffle8 388 Aeros Badger 388 Wagon '52 3300-…
MrChips 426 CMW S946 Bergmann Special '52 …-799
Der_Bayer 620 BAM Paginza 620 CS '48 1400-2199
Der_Bayer 628 BAM Paginza 628 C '48 2200-3299
Der_Bayer 640 BAM Regana 640 L '49 3300-…
Obfuscious 654 RatonAereo 654 '52 …-799
Obfuscious 657 WM RatonAereo '52 800-1399
Obfuscious 694 AeroMouse Panamerica Kohlberg Boxer '52 1400-2199
VG33E 743 HTA Emperor MGF '52 800-1399
Th3maldonado 744 Brooklands Roadster (A212) Corso '51 1400-2199
Der_Bayer 750 Cisalpina Superleggera 750 '52 …-799
Marcus_gt500 772 Civetta Testa Fresca Gran Turismo '52 2200-3299
Machalel 777 Boccaccino Silvanae Coupe Speciale Supremo '48 2200-3299
UndercoverHardwareman 798 Giusseppe G220 (Modified) …-799
Awildgermanappears 850 Barricada V-8 2000 Berlinetta MM '52 1400-2199
TheAlmightyTwingo 869 Meijer Azure '52 800-1399
Galahir950 950 Falcon Motors Sparrow GT '51 3300-…
Galahir950 955 Falcon Motors Sport GT '51 2200-3299
Vri404 970 Hades V16 Touring '48 3300-…
Vri404 1776 Frankhorn Washington '52 2200-3299
Obfuscious 53140 AeroMouse Panamerica '52 2200-3299
Obfuscious 53142 WM AeroMouse Panamerica '52 3300-…
VicVictory - Suzume Kaikyu San Ebi Kei Concept '52 …-799
JOVA1982 - Juggernaut Automotive Runabout '50 …-799
LS-Vehicles - LSV - Mark Race Special '52 …-799
Elektrycerz - Eagle 102 '52 …-799
DukeOFhazards - Birmingham Snake Van Custom '50 …-799
Jaimz - Franklin Prototype FM Cerberus '52 1400-2199
vmo - Montes Sport GT '39 1400-2199
JOVA1982 - Juggernaut Automotive Hurja '52 1400-2199
LS-Vehicles - LSV - Mark Milf '52 1400-2199
DukeOFhazards - Birmingham 2000 lowlight 1400-2199
Dorifto_Dorito - Noda Type A2 Mil Spec '46 1400-2199
Awildgermanappears - Barricada 8c 3000SS Berlinetta TA '39 2200-3299
JOVA1982 - Juggernaut Automotive Kulkuri '52 2200-3299
LS-Vehicles - Luxor - Privateer In Memory Edition '52 2200-3299
JOVA1982 - Juggernaut Automotive Kulkuri Special '52 3300-…
LS-Vehicles - Nugetti – Neyron '52 3300-…
Elektrycerz - Eagle 802 '52 3300-…
Awildgermanappears - Barricada 1350MM Superaerodinamica '39 800-1399
VicVictory - Suzume Shiso Hyu Concept '52 800-1399
z2bbgr - Bangkok Aeronautic Factory Romulus '52 800-1399
Ivan the Lawfull - F.A.O. Lollypop 1100 Monte Carlo '48 800-1399
JOVA1982 - Juggernaut Automotive Familyman 1300 '50 800-1399
DeusExMackia - Erin Motorsport SP-1 B '51 800-1399
LS-Vehicles - Mark ‘‘Nuts’n’Bolts’’ '52 800-1399
Elektrycerz - Eagle 112E '52 800-1399
DukeOFhazards - Birmingham Rumor R4 (concept) '52 800-1399
Private_Miros DQF PMI Polloi Barudion Aero “Corso” '49 …-799

I like the premise of this, when I get home I’m going to take a solid look at the rules.

But I’m liking what I see.

I’m so entering the Roadster Brooklands in this.

I love the sound of it! Can’t wait. Just one question.

Since you’re driving these, and in real life racing cars are adjusted for the driver, could we maybe know some preferences you have with car handling? Or what controller/device you’re using to drive?

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I’ll have to see what I’ve got available to work with, but I’ll join this.

(Though, I have to forewarn, I don’t yet have BeamNG, and while I’d like to get it, well, I’m not entirely sure when I’ll be able to do so.)

Oh, and I don’t think I’ll be using a true lore car. I’ll be, of course, staying true to my lore by making you deal with L-FWD, but I can already guess you don’t want a Sinistra Emperor FWD land-barge with 20 miles of understeer.

G920 Driving Force Logitech racing wheel and pedals and Logitech 6-speed shifter.

For old cars I can live with oversteer that either snaps at a predictable point or comes on gradually. Sudden random oversteer is a killer.

Important here is brake balance, make sure the rear is not too strong compared to the front, it turns the car around on hard braking.

I’ll be willing


to give you limited feedback on its performance in BeamNG if you submit before Friday 17 August.

As for the FWD barge. Short shifting and on tarmac it was pretty drivable.


A wonderful test video of my entry.


Do use the edit post fuction to avoid triple posting - take the last one and copy paste your previous two in it and delete those two :slight_smile:

The car looks like it handles realistically for a late 40s, early 50s race car though!

How do you record cam like that ? :open_mouth:

OBS set to record beam. Make a replay in beam then in the replay set camera to cinematic.

Yayks thanks bro :smiley:

I’ll enter!

(I tried to make it look like a realistic 50’s Photo)

Car: Arkani T40 Race Spec

Power: 255HP, 450+Nm torque

Engine: 6.2L OHC 24v V12

Weight: 1257kgs (More or less)


Really nice challenge, I’m so in!

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Added to OP: all workshop mods allowed.

Franklin would like to send their entry.

This is the prototype of a sports car we’re developing for the future.

The Cerberus.


How mixed-surface are we going? “Must not immediately go backwards into a wall at the first sign of mud” or “you need to be able to do Dakar”

Gravel, as in wider backroads. No true offroad.

Having competed in last years Mille Miglia, Brooklands are looking to enter their car into this years Corso Di Fruinia. Their car is well prepared with driver Edward Hampden looking forward to the grueling event.

“It’s always hard pushing something like this to the limits. I’m glad I was able to test it fully before coming here. I’m confident the car will make it to the finish in a good position”

Edwards revised Brooklands Roadster that will race in the Corso Di Fruinia.


You can make a rule where all cars must have a racing number. Anyway, here’s MV Design Racing Team entry, a 1952 Civetta “Testa Fresca” 3000 Touring. Car file soon on your inbox.


Since these cars are going to be driven, can I recommend a tire quality requirement? Such as everyone runs the same quality on tires? It makes a huge difference in the vehicles.

Further, do you want to enforce a 2-seat minimum for driver and navigator? Or are we not worried about a navigator?