Roar Luxury Motorworks the 2015 lineup

Roar Motor Company is a luxury car company that believes in making a great responsive smooth motor that is reliable and can range from lower maintenance then other luxury car brands all the way to high end motors. We were started in 1950 in Austin Texas. Roar motors use a VVT/VVL and high ignition timing to deliver performance and high fuel economy improvements over our older motors. We also offer a 10 year 100,000 mile/162000km bumper to bumper warranty. Also when you trade your old Roar in you get a $1700 loyalty rebate on top of cash rebate available, and trade in offers, you will also get a special 0.5% interest financing of up to 66 months. Also all certified used Roar’s will have a no lemon guarantee and will have a $1000 cash rebate for buying one always, and will come with a 2 year or 40000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. You can’t wrong lol

Current Models
-Roar Ripper (a 4dr hatch)
-Roar 7-9 (a small 4dr sedan)
-Roar 8-9 (a midsize sedan)
-Roar 8-11 (a large saloon)
-Roar 10-6 (a small crossover SUV)
-Roar Kilo Rally (a 2 door low end luxury rally sports car)
And more too come
-A Possible Supercar
-A Possible SUV
-Swift Motor Company Roar’s non-luxury division

2015 Roar Ripper
The 2015 Roar Ripper will offer 4 different brand new motors a 1.3L, 1.3L High Output, 1.8 Turbo, and a 1.8 Turbo High Output

The 1.3L is the base motor on the ripper and has lower service costs then other luxury motors and runs on regular, has the highest horse power in its class
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The 1.3L High output is a more quicker motor and runs on premium
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The 1.8L Turbo on the sport edition

The 1.8L High Output Turbo only on the Rally edition
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Roar Ripper Pictures
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Roar Ripper Rally Pictures
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Performance Stats

The Roar Ripper Base 1.3L Starts at $21500 USD
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Roar Ripper 1.3L High Output LX Starts at $26500 USD
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Roar Ripper 1.8L Turbo Sport Starts at $28000 USD
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Roar Ripper 1.8L High Output Turbo Rally Edition Starts at $37500 USD
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2015 Roar 7-9 it comes with FWD or a AWD in two motor choices North America will get the 1.5L and 1.7L Europe will get a 1.3L High output and a Diesel engine.
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Here is the Eurospec motor the 1.3L High output motor

This is the US 1.5L
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This is the US 1.7L
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The Base 7-9 is a FWD 6 speed manual 1.5L $28500
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The Euro Version of the 7-9 comes with a AWD 7 speed manual 1.3L Eurospec engine EURO$25000

The AWD 1.5L $31500
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The 1.7L AWD Sport $34500
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Your engines are a bit too powerful for their size and class, an average hatch’s 1.3 liter N/A doesn’t have 105 hp/liter, but around 60-70, and your service costs are almost 2 times those of an average 2 liter. My advice is: Try to detune your engines, for example, take the 1.3 down to 90-100hp :smiley:

Also, use the ‘Print Screen’ button or ‘prt sc’ to make screenshots of your cars, engines. when holding ALT+PrintScreen, you cna actually directly screenshot the current selected window.
The game also offers a small camera in the right top, which makes photos of the engine/car. Those can be found in C:/Users/YOUR_NAME/My Documents/Automation/Photos.

On topic:

Nice models, but like EnryGT5 said, too powerful and too high maintenancecosts :slight_smile:

Thanks for your inputs guys I’m a luxury brand and luxury cars always cost more to service but my motors cost less to maintain on average than other motors. I’m also a class leader in horsepower and speed and the motors also deliver good mpg. But I’m in America so my opinions are different than people in Europe. The base 1.3l motor has direct injection which raises service costs most new cars have direct injection even the fiat 500 in the us does. The Roar Ripper in Europe will get a Diesel engine and the rally edition turbo.