Rolev Experimentive Engine Department R.E.E.D

The Engines I have made and like the most i will be posted here. Hope you like them! :slight_smile:
I will include downloads for the engines if you feel like using them.
Also feel free to post any feedback about the engines!
The First One is a 2.3t I4

When i put this engine in an average sedan from the year 1995 it had a fuel milage of 0.48l/km.
preety nice i would say.
T23Rev0.lua (70.3 KB)

When i experimented whit the demo.( LIKE 30000000000000 MILLIONS OF ENGINES I4!) i maded a 296 KW Engine. the Full Pack III and. itโ€™s sucesor the Full Pack IV Was an incredible 335 KW. Quite a lot of power from those little I4โ€™s.

Yeah Definetly, you can tune this engine up to 340hp quite Easily :slight_smile: