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Welcome to the official sub-forum for Royale Motors and it’s subsidiaries, where all designs, past, present, and future, are catalogued for interested buyers! Royale offers a very wide range of vehicles under both it’s company names, from luxurious sedans and SUVs under the Royale crown, or big-displacement hooligans under the American company Roswell. Vehicles from both brands are mass produced AND made to order, so there’s a Royale for everyone.


In 1946, a young Victor Willhelm III had just returned to London after World War 2, finding his skills as an engineer without purpose. In the midst of his job-surfing, he drew up several designs for a luxurious 2-seat coupe aimed at providing a comfortable, yet powerful ride for a nation’s political leader.

He approached the Royal British AutoWorks with his plans, and at first they were rejected for being too outlandish, but once the designs were shown to King George VI and he expressed a liking to them, Victor was given the green light to construct his vehicle.

Under Victor’s guidance, the engineers would complete the first and only Royal British Speedster. Powered by a 490 cubic-inch supercharged V16, the long and curvy Speedster could take it’s driver and single passenger to 124 miles-per-hour, the fastest top-speed of any road vehicle of it’s time. With leather seats, wooden running-boards and floor panels, chrome finish, and wire-spoke wheels, the Speedster attracted the attention of everyone in London as King George made his annual parade in the car, and continued to drive it until his death.

In 1960, Victor emigrated to the United States, and with some assistance he founded Royale Automotive Design. He liscensed the designs of his vehicles out to other automakers of the time, and made a hefty sum in the process.

At the same time, struggling automaker Roswell was looking for interested investors to fund their sinking American company, and Royale was the one to bite the bullet and bail Roswell out of bankruptcy. In the merger, Royale Automotive Designs became the Royale Motor Company. With Roswell’s factories, Victor could finally construct his own designs under his own name. Roswell was benefitting too, given that it became a subsidiary of Royale, catering to US Speed Enthusiasts with their big-displacement muscle and sports cars.

Introducing the 1988 Roswell Imperator!

The ultimate driving experience.

The Imperator has been redesigned from the ground up to be the ultimate American sports car. First and foremost, we ditched the admittedly anemic inline 6 for our new “Magnum” single-cam V8 platform, boosting power through the roof. With an all-new low-slung 80s style, the Imperator embodies the element of speed, cutting through the air and forcing itself onto the road. Available in 4 different trims with many different options, every Imperator is unique. Starting from only 11,000 dollars, see your local dealership.

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Meet the Imperator RS, the sports car that wont break the bank!

Don’t be discouraged, there’s nothing basic about this base model. Featuring the new body-style and sleek 80’s styling, this RS shows off it’s curves in stunning Bright Cherry Red. The RS also features lightened alloy wheels, radial tires, concealable headlights, power steering, a geared limited-slip differential, Antilock Braking System, 4-wheel 12-inch Disc Brakes, available Soft Top, digital dashboard and guages, and a full-sized spare tire.

Pricing starts from 11,000 Dollars.

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Meet the Imperator GT twins, the sports car for the speed junkies!

Shown right in an Ocean Blue/Arctic White two-tone is the GT-A, and left in a Yellow-Jacket/Dark Steel two-tone is the GT-M. Both feature the 392 cubic-inch “Rattler” V8, a shaker hood-intake, a forward hood-vent, aluminum alloy wheels, the choice of a 4-speed Automatic “UltraShift” transmission or a 5-speed Manual, and everything featured on the RS.

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Meet the Imperator X8, for the track-day gearheads!

Ever wanted a car reliable enough to get you to work and back, but powerful enough to humiliate your opponents on the quarter-mile? Then look no further than the Imperator X8. With widened wheel arches, ultra-light Magnesium wheels, bigger brakes, a fire-spitting 416 cubic inch “SuperStroker” V8, a ToreX 5-speed manual transmission, and a monster hood scoop, the X8 is as fast as it is stylish. Shown here in signature Roswell Orange/Charcoal, the X8 is the end-all-be-all of American Sports cars, and has the record to prove it. 0-60 in 5.1 seconds, top speed of 195, and a 3200-lb curb weight.

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The 2022 Royale LMX P-1.

The culmination of all our engineering prowess comes together in the ultimate Hypercar. 16 cyllinders, 4 turbos, 10-speed sequential paddle-shift transmission, active aero, and an impressive weight of 4500 lbs. Each LMX is designed from the ground up to be the leader in performance and innovation, with features like the MCAAS, or Multi-Surface Active Aero System which, during braking and cornering, deploys different flaps around the vehicle and adjusts the angle of the rear wing to induce harder turns, create more air resistance, and even provide extra cooling to vital mechanisms like the brakes and engine.

“What’s the catch,” you might be asking. It’s impossible to drive, has no cargo space, or maybe it’s not street legal. Rest easy, worried buyer, for the LMX has all of these bases covered. Next-Generation traction control, stability control, and Launch control ensure a panic-free driving experience, while also applying the full extent of the Basilisk V16’s power to all four wheels. Inside the futuristic and spacious cabin which, might we add, is the most comfortable interior of any Hypercar on the market, features enough cargo space behind the seats to store 2 full-sized suitcases and secure them with mesh nets. And finally, the LMX comes standard with all legalities, such as multi-angle cameras, turn signals, brake lights, fog lights, head lights, a windshield wiper, a protective titanium tub around the cabin, airbags, tempered glass for the windshield and all windows, and 5-point racing harnesses.

The LMX will be on a Made-to-order basis, meaning that every LMX is built to it’s buyer’s liking, including wheels, interior trim materials, paint, and even some top secret specialties. One launch-edition trim is available currently, the P-1, which features everything mentioned above. Two additional trims will become available in the near future.

See your local Royale Dealership for more information and to order your LMX today!

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MCAAS test at the Royale Test Track.

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