RPM limit bug

Depending on the engine component limits (obviously) you can make one that doesn’t detonate at fail point. If you set the limit high enough, it simply wont die in testing - in at least one case.

I built a 1952, 3.8L pushrod I6.
At 4170rpm, the graph shows negative output (so, that’s input, right?)
So, a 4K max… set the testing limit at 12K, it will run to the 4K, and bounce, but simply not die.

Further testing: Setting it at 4,000 or even 4,100 will cause failure, any higher it becomes bullet proof.
The tacho does weird shit, too. With a limit of 5100, when not running, it displays (clockwise, of course) 1-1-1-2-5-3-7-4-3-5-11-6 KRPM.

Every even number is divided by 2 for some reason

Not exactly, I think. It seems that it displays the correct numbers for the 5100 limit, and then puts another set from a 12000 RPM scale in between.

I mean, the bug with tacho :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I mean that too.

For me it just sometimes shows like I described, only when it wants to, even in some old cars with like 4500 RPM