RRRB1 - "Not" your grandma's sports car

Hi there, I’m gonna try making my own set of challenges for this game, since I thought it’d be a super cool idea!

The year is 2018. Imagine you’ve got this completely petrol-headed grandmother who comes to you and tells you she wants to buy a sports car. Here’s what she wants in her sports car:

- Newer than 2008 (less than 10 years old)
- No convertibles!
- Two doors (coupe)
- Top speed of at least 160MPH

Things you don’t have to worry about:

- The price of the vehicle. Grandma is a very rich woman.
- The fuel economy. As long as it goes fast and doesn’t have too many mechanical problems, Granny’s happy.

Rules for the competition:

  1. Up to three submissions per contestant.
  2. Adhere to the qualities your grandma wants in her sports car!
  3. Late submissions or submissions by PM will not be accepted.
  4. Please make sure to include your .car file as well!
  5. Submissions that break the rules will be disqualified from the competition, though this will not affect any of the owner’s other submissions.

Other than that, go wild!

Submissions are open now, but will close at 8:00AM on Dec 18, 2023.
Make a submission by posting your car below, with photos, specs, details, and a .car file.

This competition will be judged by myself and RampGroovesFighter on Discord.

The rules seem very, very barebones. Is there a maximum price limit? What about emissions, do we have to pass them? What about the stats? Does gramps prefer sportiness over fuel comfort? What about service costs?

Adhere to the qualities? You haven’t told us the qualities. All we know is that it has to be newer than 2008 and go at least 160 miles per hour. Does it have to be road legal? In other words are catalytic converters and whatnot required?

How exactly are we supposed to submit our cars?

How will this actually even be judged?

Grandma isn’t very smart, so that explains the conditions of the contest being so bare-minimum. She couldn’t care less about fuel economy or the price tag, but she does prefer sportiness above all.

Those are the conditions she wants in her car.

As for submissions, you submit here, with photos, specs, extra details and a .car file. The winner will be judged by me and my Discord buddy, RGF. The winner will be a combination of best design and best performance. I hope this answers your questions!

The deadline has been extremely extended, I don’t think three days to finish is reasonable in the least. Here’s the new deadline.

One more thing: are we limited to the three main fuel types (91, 95, or 98 RON unleaded)?

@abg7 No, you are not.