Russian Renault Tank Variant?

For armorheads like me, a favorite tank of WWI was the French Renault FT. A version was made for Russia called the Russky Reno. I’ve made my own variant in MS Paint to add to my company’s story (saying that it produced this variant). I was just wondering if anybody had thoughts on it.

This is the real, original Russky Reno:

This is mine:

I added a longer gun barrel for a better range, removed the unnecessary trench-crawling tail, centered the turret, added a flush turret door (actually, I just removed that ugly cupola), sloped the front hull a bit, and added armor for the running gear. I also came up with a new turret to carry a Maxim MG, but I didn’t include it here.

Looks good to me. The only thing I would be slightly worried about is weight distribution - the redesign might be tail-heavy which would be problematic driving up slopes. But I guess it’s a matter of where your engine and drive train, ammorack etc heavy equipment are located.

Thanks! Moving the turret back could’ve been the reason. A centered turret is more modern, but it might hurt the distribution if it’s closer to the rear-mounted engine.