Same vehicule almost, from 232 to almost no competitiveness : broken indicator?

Focus on model with 4x4 within the name

OC is a refreshed version of OB. You can see characteristics are the same.
One got offroad competitiveness to 232. The other one got 6.

Looking in details the car is appaling:

Even more strange, if I make a new trim and and activate modification, it instantly get back 179 competitiveness:

Same goes for the other OC version.

Even worse, if I edit the model, no change as any effect to competitiveness, for example here changing to semi-slick for an offroad (but it is the same no matter what):

so this looks like a bug.

To be even more clear, when I designed the new trim (OC models) in 1960, they all got better competitiveness than their older OB counterpart. So what happened in between?

Further test:

new trim with no modification at all, 8 month wait for the release… and number once again sensible.

Here’s the samegame (before the new trim) showing what looks to me as a bug:
Perł (1.7 MB)

The point you are missing here is that you are looking at competitiveness numbers before having set up your factories. Also, despite 232 competitiveness, your affordability is below 50%, which means any price increase due to production might outright kill competitiveness.
Make sure to keep an eye on factory efficiency, as with how many trims you have in your facelift you might need like 3 different factories to actually produce them efficiently :stuck_out_tongue:
Once you have set up production you can check the numbers again and they will use the non-guessed numbers for production.

Ha ok, that is interesting (there are lot of trims but most of them are discontinued - would be cool if these can be filtered out or marked as paused/stopped), I must admit I was not paying any attention to factory efficiency.

But how do you check it on the fly? Factory manager does not provide info:

When a trim is signed off we cannot access production/factory mangement:

same when in production:

It is a bit complicated to monitor, especially if it changes over time.

Currently the only place you see it is where you can add / remove trims / variants from the production of a factory. In there you see that adding more items to production means that efficiency is going down.

The UI isn’t finished in that regard so yes, currently it is difficult to follow. :slight_smile: