Scalzetti Automobili SpA

Scalzetti, technically known as “Scalzetti Automobili SpA”, is an italian supercar manufacturer.

Founded originally in 1989, the company had gone bankrupt after releasing their first model, the Azzione, as the 1991 economical crisis didn’t allow people to buy supercars anymore.

This thread will mainly focus on their 2013 renewal, with the occasional digression to talk about the manufacturer’s history.

The goal of Giorgio Scalzetti, founder of the company, was to create the perfect car, combining sportiness and luxury, no matter the cost. Although he passed away before the company’s renewal, he’d be proud of the cars that wear the Scalzetti branding.

In a few words: low-production ultra-luxury hypercars for the richest.

Meet the new Scalzetti’s debut model, the 2016 Ultima.

Being a driver’s car, the Ultima is equipped with a NAV12 revving to 12.000Rpm. Not good enough? How about a 7 speed gated manual transmission?

Here’s a spec list for you:

  • Carbon fiber panels on a Carbon monocoque
  • 565hp/500nm 12k Rpm 4L 60Valve Alu NAV12
  • RWD Gated manual transmission
  • F/R Pushrod suspension w/ active suspension
  • 1.116kg
  • 373km/h top speed, 2.7s 0-100km/h.

All of this can be yours if you have 2.8M Euros to spend on a car. Oh, and you’d need to be part of the lucky 200 selected customers.

In 2015, the car was already spotted while in test around the factory.

Here are the release pictures

This showroom car is spec’d in Blu Avus, with chrome wheels on a Tabacco interior.

Also, here are a few screenshots from the car configurator, with customer specs

Here are specs 001 and 093.

In a nutshell, the Ultima is the ultimate driver’s car. Naturally aspirated v12 screaming all the way to 12k rpm, a gated manual, RWD only, really light. All of this combined with the splendid looks and comfort Scalzetti knows how to craft.


I see traces of T.33, Codalunga, and C-X75 on the outside, and a beautifully detailed, minimalist interior on the inside. Well done!

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Coda lunga all the way, I love that car fr. Trying my hand at interiors, still a wip :wink:

2017-18, Scalzetti Ultima V.

The Ultima V represented a big upgrade for the Ultima model.

Apart from the notable visual changes, the screaming V12 was equipped with twin turbos.

Here’s a list of a few key changes:

  • V aero package”: new diffuser, spoiler, front splitter, hood, reworked undertray.
  • Performance pack”: twin turbo setup, engine re-tune, new exhaust system, side intake, reworked transmission.

Nb: both packs were available to purchase and install on your 2016-2018 Ultima, for approx. 190k for the aero pack, 240k for the performance pack.

Here’s the spec list of the car.

  • Carbon fiber panels on a Carbon monocoque
  • 940hp/800nm 11k Rpm 4L 60Valve Alu TTV12
  • RWD Gated manual transmission
  • F/R Pushrod suspension w/ active suspension
  • 1.230kg
  • 410km/h top speed, 2.7s 0-100km/h.

also it now breaks the 400km/h barrier.

Pictures (specs 022 and 013)

Spec 013, in grigio titane with bordeaux interior.

Spec 022, in Ultraorange with a nardo grigio interior.

The Ultima V as a car was sold for 3.5M Euros to 20 private buyers.

The aero and perf packs were sold at 10 units each, some cars spec’d with only one or the other packs.


2018, Scalzetti Ultima Migliore, the last one.

The Ultima Migliore edition is the very last Ultima crafted at the Scalzetti factory, number #201.

As the last Ultima, it benefited from a lot of special details and unique features:

  • Special “aeroblade” wheels
  • Chrome grille
  • Special “Migliore Blu” paint
  • Carbon plaque on the hood
  • Rear aerobrake
  • Redesigned taillights
  • Redesigned exhaust

As the Ultima send-off, it was auctionned at the Charity Auction at Concours D’élégance Villa d’Este, for 5.7M Euros.


Scalzetti Anima (2018-2020)

The second model of the italian brand brought a lot of new content to formula established by the Ultima.

A lot of thought and work was put into the new engine (IFQV12). The all-new 4.5L 60 Valve V12 is now equipped with 4 turbos, to minimize turbo lag.

As for the design, it keeps the design language from the Ultima, while modernizing it.

Launch Pictures

The interior was also updated, with a digital display, and new screen. You’ll notice that it keeps the 7 speed manual.

Interior Pics

Here are some picures of a customer spec spotted.

Spec 081

As for the Ultima, the Anima was produced to 200ex.

Heres a spec list:

  • Carbon fiber panels on a Carbon monocoque
  • 927hp/834nm 10k Rpm 4.5L 60Valve Alu 4TV12
  • RWD Gated manual transmission
  • F/R Pushrod suspension w/ active suspension
  • 1.201kg
  • 420km/h top speed, 2.6s 0-100km/h.

Sleeeeek :ok_hand: Especially the back. The interior though looks less modern than in the Ultima IMO. Also is that a really “completely new from scratch” engine, or just a new generation of the same basic design? The latter would be more reasonable with such short production spans.


Although it does keep the DOHC60 design, it was re-bored and turbo’d sooo yeah, mostly marketing stuff but kind of new, i guess?

Also, thanks ! I do get the comment about the interior, but I tried to change it with respect to the design language of the previous car :wink:

Scalzetti Anima “Georgio” (2019)

This unique Anima was created for the anniversary of the brand’s creator.

It is equipped with a sportier front bumper, a rear lip spoiler, and a flamboyant “arancio dorato” exposed carbon fiber finish.


Scalzetti Anima “300” (2019)

The Anima “300” was the best performing Scalzetti car ever at the time. The project was entrusted to the special projects department, with only one goal: beat the 300 mile/hour barrier, while maintaining the comfort the car was known for.

To beat this speed, the car dropped the manual transmission for a dual-clutch 7 speed.

The car also benefited from an updated interior, and a special “Superspeed grey carbon” paint.


Interior pics

Note the gear selector and updated screen.


The 300’s engine was boosted up to 1163hp/1012nm. Coupled to a new gearbox, new exhaust, special tyres and suspension, the 300mph barrier was beaten.

Exact top speed: 303mph/487kmh


Scalzetti Anima GT3 (2020)

This was the last special edition of the Anima. It is also the fastest accelerating Anima ever.

Although named GT3, it was not actually part of any GT3 group races.


Heres a spec list:

Carbon fiber panels on a Carbon monocoque
1026hp/926nm 10k Rpm 4.5L 60Valve Alu 4TV12
RWD Dual Clutch transmission
F/R Pushrod suspension w/ active suspension
400km/h top speed, 2.4s 0-100km/h.

It was at the time the only track-only car produced by Scalzetti.


Scalzetti Nezuno (2020-2023)

A whole new world.

With a whole new engine, new suspension system, new design elements, the Nezuno is the most unique Scalzetti yet.


A huge part of the work done on the Nezuno was on aerodynamics. A new racing-inspired undertray, flush sides, camera mirrors and vents to let air flow through and out the car help the car achieve new speeds and a completely new appearance.

The engine powering the Nezuno is the first ever V10 produced by the brand. Don’t worry, it still revs up to 11k rpm. And although it doesn’t come equipped with a manual transmission anymore, the DCT it is equipped with is the fastest transmission we have ever created, to ensure the same driving pleasure.

Heres the spec list:

Carbon fiber panels on a Carbon monocoque
1050hp/920nm 11k Rpm 4.2L 50Valve Alu TTV10
RWD 7speed dual clutch transmission
F/R Pushrod suspension w/ active suspension and active dampers
437km/h top speed, 2.6s 0-100km/h.

Scalzetti Nezuno 313 (2021)

World’s fastest hypercar?

(side note: probably my favorite design).

The Nezuno 313 was engineered with the same goals as the Anima “300”: to reach the highest speeds possible, while keeping the comfort and driver-focused experience Scalzetti is known for.

A reworked engine and aerodynamics allow this edition of the Nezuno to reach 503km/h, or 313 miles per.

The 313 is also the most powerful Scalzetti ever, with more than 2.100hp and 1.710nm.


The car was painted with a special shade reminescent of the bare-aluminium race cars of yesteryear.