School Project Challenge

This may be a long shot, but for a project we are working on a automation car, we have several demands/restrictions to accomplish.

-2.5L with Turbo
-247KW Max power

-Engineering time <120.64

  • Material Cost < 11800

Test Times:
-<1.13 on airfield
-<2.03 on Automation Circuit

so far we have managed to accomplish all those, except the max power of 247KW, we are using 296 KW atm.

Does anyone have any pointers for us to maybe check out?

Much torque little weight.

Nothing more to say with as little info as you give. You can have a great car there with a screwed detail, you can have a hopeless junk, and there’s no way to guess.

Can you show any screenshots of the tuning? Especially the turbo tuning? You might be able to adjust the spooling to give it more low end torque. That will (probably) reduce top horsepower, and may even improve acceleration times. Other than that, there are just too many variables to guess at.