Schütze AG + Seikatsu Automotive [SHUT DOWN]

A topic where i will post my latest vehicles under the guise of Schütze AG, a German vehicle manufacturer.

These are my first couple of actual cars, and they won’t be amazing but im happy with them.


It’s 1973: Other motorcar marques have released many vehicles for the people, and here at Schütze, we are no different. Introducing our first car, the ZM-1. Many options are available, including wooden trims and a spare wheel. You have the choice between a 1.0L Petrol engine or a 1.2L with a slight performance increase.

Seen in the photo above is the GL trim ZM-1, with factory fitted fog lights and a sunroof. It achieves a respectable 42hp, and features an AM radio system.


Now updated with advanced twin-tube suspension, a more powerful Holby K84 coupled to a 4-speed manual and a rear wheel drive system made in Innsbruck, the 1978 ZM-1 is a masterful car. Available in all Schütze dealers across Hamburg.

Introducing the 1990 Schütze 180C 2.0, featuring a double cassette deck, a small but efficient 2.0L inline 4, and optional AM/FM radio. 112hp moves this car along the Autobahn at a rapid pace. The UK export model pictured above has been fitted with a long-range antenna alongside the Breite TS-30 cruise control system.


2008 Seikatsu HC280, designed in partnership with Jelenia Motors. This All-Wheel-Drive pickup truck is driven by a 282hp V8, with dual exhausts so your neighbours can hear the engine rumble on your drive through the mountains.

Is it possible to download this car?

A decade ago this would have been on the low side for any V8 engine, especially one designed for a utility application. Most V8 options for full-sized trucks from that era were available with at least 50 more horsepower than that.

This brand is now closed, it was my testing grounds for the base of Seikatsu.

Above is the Seikatsu Ashiko, a humble workhorse for the masses, designed around the winding roads of Mount Tsurugi.

Choose a Seikatsu Coaster CTB on your next trip to Archana: The open breeze combined with the smooth engine is a great pair, combining the luxury of a hotel with the open-top freedom of a tour bus.

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1994 Seikatsu Majoris, a compact SUV to fulfill your lifestyle needs.

*Does not come with a surfboard.

In the range is:
Seikatsu WQ180 commuter saloon car
Seikatsu WQ280 performance saloon
Seikatsu WQ280 TTE Turbo Touring Estate

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