Season 2 - Round 3 (Closed)

Hello and welcome to the third round of TEC Season 2.

This time we have something fancy. A “Group A Rallye car”! Its a production-derived car, which has to be built atleast 2500 times and actually needs to be sold to customers, which adds a bit of a challange, because you also have to pay attention to the costs and rest! This time the Torque Flatness is a bit different - it measures the how flat it goes from 4k RPM to max Power!

As last time the obligatory thing:
[size=150]READ THE GUIDELINE[/size]
[size=75]This is the new spreadsheet for the third round.[/size]
One Thing: Name the Engines in this Structure THEME-Name, for example 1986 GroupA-Pyrlix - makes stuff easier for me


[size=200]Wrap-Up Time![/size]

Ahhh the End is near - well its here! Round 3 is finished and here are the results!

[size=130]1986 Group A Rallye Car[/size]
1986 Rallye Cars, oh well - the legal street variants of them atleast! A bit of a different challenge, as you think of Rallye, but have to make Street :slight_smile:

And the obligatory engine files:
1986 Group A -1- Der Bayer Rev0.lua (60.2 KB)
1986 Group A -2- TheTom.lua (64.5 KB)
1986 Group A -3- ProdarkRev6.lua (69.6 KB)

[size=130]2017 Eco Box[/size]
The Future… there probably will be a war with cars as we have a Engine that can drive from Moscow to Berlin in one single tank! :smiley:

And Files:
2017 EcoBox -1- dajeg7Rev0.lua (44.4 KB)
2017 EcoBox -2- Der Bayer Rev0.lua (43.9 KB)
2017 EcoBox -3- ProdarkRev0.lua (42.5 KB)

Link to the Spreadsheet

Round 3 is now finished and be prepared for a bit different Season Finale… these themes will be not the usual ones :slight_smile: