Sedan/Estate Thread

Nice work! Based off the Bentley from Good Omens I take it?

Thanks, I appreciate it, it’s by far my most detailed build to date. I’m really trying to improve my fixture work, styling usually seems to be my weak point in competitions. I can’t say I’ve ever seen that show, any resemblance to vehicles living or dead is purely coincidental. I’ll check it out, however.

East german, rear-engined 800cc 2-door Sedan
Truly a horrific piece of equipment


The 1962 Essex Metropolitan 100 Series

In 1962, the Essex Motor Corporation introduced a brand new line of compact cars to compete with competitors such as the Ford Falcon or Plymouth Valiant. Essex would call the car the Metropolitan, after they purchased naming rights from AMC. It came in 2 and 4 door sedans, hardtops, wagons, and even a convertible. I6s were the most popular engine choices, but 290 and 304 v8s were also offered in the top trim models and performance models.

This is the “100 Series”. It was the lowest and cheapest model starting at under $1,990. The base engine was an 82 hp, 3.2L (201 CI) i6, with only 3 speed or 4 speed manuals offered. It had steel wheels w/hubcaps, drum brakes all around, no passenger mirror, am radio, and not much more. This generation would be continued into 1972.


It’s a fairly simple looking design, yet it perfectly captures the restrained styling of the era. Very nicely done!


Introduced in 1958, the El Mirage was always the top of the line, or close to top of the line, model in the Vaughn model range. Up until 1986, it was a traditional, V8, rear wheel drive BOF american sedan.

In 1987 all that changed. Still being popular among, for example, police, taxi and other fleet consumers, the old El Mirage was kept in production, now renamed as the “Grand Mirage”, while the El Mirage now was a more compact, unibody front wheel drive vehicle with independent suspension all around. The engine was the 4 litre all aluminium V8 introduced in some Wraith models in 1980.

The three trim levels available was the entry level LTS, the more luxurious STS (shown here) and the sportier GTS. Mainly, the differences were equipment and cosmetics, since technically they were more or less identical.

This first generation front wheel drive El Mirage model was built until 1991.


“Used cars are unreliable, and new cars are safer!”

And that’s how you ended up with a base model Korean sedan. A tad bit over $13,000. Sure it’s going to be covered in rust within 2 years, it has no power steering or ABS brakes and even with automatic it’s shit to drive. But hey, at least it has 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty.


A mid 50’s rear engined sedan, has since been renamed to Ares from Merkin (placeholder name)

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1980-1986 Concord Sentinel

For it’s 5th generation in 1978, the Concord Sentinel was downsized, though retaining its mid-sized luxury sedan status. Engine choices were typical of the day, mainly I6s and V8s that maxed out at 160-ish horsepower. In 1981, it received a mid cycle refresh, as shown here. Along with it’s fresh face, the Sentinel’s engine options were narrowed down to just a 242 I6 and a 304 V8, both being carbureted. Comfort was top priority, so the suspension was cloud like, and the seats were extra plush. This 1982 Classic trimmed model comes with a fuel injected variant of the 304, standard vinyl roof, white wall tires, premium stereo system with cassette deck, and much more. This would be the final Sentinel using a rear wheel drive layout, as well as an OHV engine.

Base price was $12,700. Though with the classic trim (+$2,250) and some desirable options, would bring it up to around $16,000.


Toriko Dumani 2012-2021


Inspired by the recent upload for the Automation Design Comp Category A video, a mid 50s FWD peoples car. And totally different to my previous car shared on this thread… totally.


Im New to these Forums, But I’ve been playing Automation for a good 4 years!
So I thought I’d share one of My Estates:

The 2017 Brio XR56

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That awkward moment when you build a car for an already finished comp without realising…

Was going to be for the CSC51 Q Ship but I didn’t read the thread all the way through before I started building… oh well.

This has a 7.2 L V10 shoehorned under the bulging bonnet making 550 hp and 580 lb ft of torque going to all 4 wheels via a 7 speed gearbox.

Simple, but clean and pleasant. I like your car.

Available with 142 (250 TurboDiesel) to 350 (550) horsepower.


Introducing to the world, the 1974 Ascot Grenadier EX 2.5. Ascot Automotive’s answer to Gasmea’s recent influx of imported models, the Grenadier seeks to show what an economical homegrown offering can do. With a new 2.5 Inline 4 (a.k.a cut in half 305 V8) and tuned to provide premium fuel economy, you can show those foreigners what for in your all Gasmean brand, Ascot.