Sedan/Estate Thread

the Alya Toron. Why did Shooting Brakes never catch on anyways?


2012-16 Tokis Maxwell

The Tokis Maxwell was a Mid-Size Sedan produced by Omota division Tokis from 2012-2016. It was one of very few Tokis Models sold globally. It was a average sedan that was average to see in between 2014 and 2018. Tokis would issue a facelift half-way through the 2015 Year. They issue the 2015.5 Tokis Maxwell, it received a minor facelift that updated styling, tech, and engines. The new Etec Flo-3.4 Liter I6 engine was added to replace the ZZ60 3.2 Liter I6, which was aging after a decade of being used on various models. The Maxwell never caught on to well due to it’s faint recognition and poor and small Omota-Tokis dealer range, with only three dealers being named “Omota-Tokis”. This lead to it’s discontinuation on August 28th, 2016. The Car was removed off of Omota’s Tokis tab under it’s website in November 2016.

Facelift, Shown on a dealer lot in August 2015. It’s parked next to a Omota Next, which shows that it’s
shown at a Omota dealer.


DAN 1100 (1972)

A premium four dors car for younger driver


Thought experiment; what if giant luxury liftback sedan a la Porsche Panamera Executive… But with 2nd row legroom sacrificed for a 3rd seating row behind the normal rear seats? And not Tesla Model S style rear facing baby seats no we’re doing proper seats.

Result: 2006 Pippuri Cygnale

Besides simply the outright size of the car, the high mounted angular halogen projector headlights combined with the signature Pippuri twin chrome lines (which also hide the dual antennae) across the hood, roof and lower twin segment grille bring a sense of occasion and grandeur to the Cygnale.

That name, Cygnale, a reference to an elegant, graceful and fast creature that carries it’s children under it’s secure wings; cygnus, the swan.

Luxury dual tone leather seating for all seven with even the third row having full size seating, the roofline that extends well above the third row, the four zone climate, innovative (trash by 2023 standards) navigation, warm orange mood lighting and speakers for all seats provide and guarantee the utmost comfort for six adults to cruise along.

The chrome speed streaks under the doors and behind the wheelarches combined with the speedboat like rear overhang aren’t only appearance of speed, however. The cygnale’s impressive hood hides beneath it Pippuri’s fuel efficient evolution of it’s 5 litre VZ5K v12 engine with Multi-Inject technology for a maximum fuel efficient, maximum torque PMi engine with 400hp power and 600Nm of torque yet returning a relatively impressive 14 litres per 100km in mixed driving.

Now, who would want to be seen in a Mercedes R-Class, when you could have this? Minivans are now a joke, and good family SUVs are yet to be proven. So don’t buy that Q7. Go to your Pippuri dealer instead, and show the world your family’s worth in your new Cygnale.

(Non-marketing voice; I had a ton of fun experimenting with new, bold 2000’s luxury styling choices and a ton of fun with fiddling with the interior for a third row between the gigantic wheel arches. This project was really fun overall. And moving the roof so far back to provide headroom for the third row combined with the boatlike tail made for a noble profile, in my opinion.)


Assol Vista 2(KoAZ 2165)/Vista Cross(KoAZ 2166)-Russian car manufactured by the KoAZ plant. It is new and will be on sale only in June of this year. After Cherrier left Russia and the sale of the KoAZ plant to RusTechnologies, a search began for a partner to launch the second generation of Vista, as a result, the Iranian automaker Tarpan was chosen, while Vista 2 is just the beginning of cooperation, because it is planned to expand the lineup of companies, as well as mutual export of cars . There are three cars in the family: Vista 2 sedan, Vista 2 hatchback and Vista Cross (compact cross hatch positioned as a separate model). Four engines are installed on cars: a 1.4 liter tarpan engine with 90 hp, a 1.0 liter turbo engine of joint development with a capacity of 104 hp, a clone of the Cherrier 1.6 engine (with an increased volume) with a capacity of 110 hp and a 1.7 liter tarpan turbo engine with a capacity of 163 hp. Goes on sale in June this year

Vista Sedan

Vista Hatchback

Vista Cross

1.7T 4I17IT (Tarpan) 163hp I4 SOHC 16V 5-speed auto-manual FWD
1.6 110hp I4 SOHC 16V 5-speed auto-manual FWD
1.0T 104hp I3 SOHC 16V 5-speed auto-manual FWD
1.4 4I14I (Tarpan) 90hp I4 SOHC 16V 5-speed manual FWD


It seems to me a very original and interesting concept, also a good and elegant design.
It’s like a Mercedes V-Class made into a sedan, the drawback maybe in the last row of seats, the free space from the head to the glass.

Very good, congratulations!

:portugal: 1993 Lusitano Sintra