Sedan/Estate Thread

This is the 1981 Iberville Marseille. Not the first car I’ve made, but it is the first that I feel is good enough to share here. It’s an American luxury sedan competing with cars like the Chrysler Fifth Avenue and Cadillac DeVille. It is rear-wheel-drive, has a 5.3 liter V8, a ladder chassis, a top speed of 140 mph, and a 0-60 of around 7 seconds. This is the fleet-level Limited trim, so sadly no vinyl roof. No interior either, I still haven’t really figured out how to do them.


Welcome to the forums! Make sure to interact a bunch so you can hain permissions like post editing and such. I’m really liking this design, maybe consider adding some more trim and maybe different mirrors? Its going along nicely.

This is the 1970 Gavril Bishop, a European compact sedan competing against cars like the Opel Ascona and Morris Marina. This particular car is a base trim made for the British market, so it has right hand drive, only two headlights, and a 1.3 liter I4 making 58 horsepower. It has an interior, but it’s currently unfinished.


2003-2008 HatzenBach Vorstadt 300 GS