Sedan/Estate Thread

1991 AMS Albite 4.0 ES

Based on my FC1 submission, but retuned to run on 95 RON premium unleaded, to tie in with JOC4B.

The spec shown here is identical to that of Bruno’s personal car (except for plate size) - he bought it in 1990 after realizing that he needed something in which to carry his wife and two children.

With 300 horsepower from a 4.0L all-alloy V8 driving the rear wheels via a five-speed advanced automatic gearbox, plus all-independent suspension (dual wishbones up front and a multilink rear) tuned to provide a balanced blend of comfort and sportiness, this full-size sports sedan blends vivacity with usability.

The interior (shown above on the original FC1-friendly version) has all the mod-cons you’d expect from a car of this type - full leather interior with wood accents, climate-controlled air conditioning, high-quality stereo surround sound system with CD/cassette player, central locking, and dual front airbags. All in all, it’s a pleasant place to be wherever you sit.


2001-2004 Inertia Fantica, Pre-Fl
Inertia’s boring wagon made when cars were, well, boring. I guess everybody starts somewhere, and in this case its a 16 yr old looking for a car.


1989 and 1994 Cavaliere Nobile Freccia

Both cars shown are top trims in export spec, but the cheaper ones are fun as well.


American car, part 3, the Falcon - Lux One III produced by 1954 to 1959.


1992 Yamaguchi Zen

The seekest car of it´s time, often called “catfish” by the press, intended to attack the competitor IP and therefore changing the whole concept of the Zen. A wide selection of engines was available, with everyone except the base being boxer engines for a better handling. Advanced chassis, class-leading aerodynamics and sporty handling at good economy made this a success, although the design was not liked by everyone.


American car, part 4, the Falcon - Lux One IV produced by 1960 to 1964.


1998 Yamaguchi Kuruma WRC STX

You can get the new Kuruma in all sort of variants, from the budget shitbox for your daily traffic jam commute to a pathetic job up to the rally-spec WRC STX which has 280 horsepower - according to the manufactor. In reality, it has 330…


My knock-off Lancia Thema 8.32 wagon… just cause.


nice, the lights look great

1979 and 1985 Yamaguchi Kuruma

The Kuruma is the successor of the 417/Mobula and a cheap family car. The car was developed in a joint venture with Planar (exterior design by @lotto77 ). The center gauges, a mean to reduce the work to convert between LHD and RHD versions, are the only real quirk of it - the rest is perfectly boring.
The facelifted version keeps this feature and adds even more refinement.


American car, part 5, the Falcon - Lux One V produced by 1965 to 1970.

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