Sedan/Estate Thread

Would you advise me to open a thread where I can tell the history of TAZ cars in more depth, adding where possible the station wagon, UTE and van versions.
thanks for your opinion.


Very good range of models with a clear and differentiating design language. I hope to see more about these cars!


I have criticized the open beta update a lot, and I think considering all the bugs and problems, I might be right with that. But who says A also needs to say B.

I like the fact that some bodies from the stone age were finally improved, and that by a LOT! One of them is the Aero Crown.
It is a bit annoying that I have to spend like 10 hours to update the whole Globus Grand Cruiser model family now, but it looks just soooo much better now, with smoother shapes, tons of options and realistic proportions.

I can´t wait to redo them all, for now the 1990 LS model needs to be the only one with the update as I have hosting duties in the way.


Is this new version based on either the '87 Boat or '89 Ice Cream body sets? In any case, it looks much better now in the 4.3 open beta.

It´s the 87 Boat.
The biggest update is definitely the now well-rounded roof, while the old version looked unrealistic and comic-like.

As I need to redo all RL90-platform-related Grand Cruisiers anyway, I took the opportunity to give the relatively old build (summer 2022) some more detailing.

The interior also profited from minor corrections that I am no longer too lazy to do since I have to rebuild them all anyway. The interior pilars are a nightmare with the new shape, but the pro´s definitely exceed the con´s.


First ‘visually detailed’ build in OB (i.e. first with fixtures at all), and trying to go for a ‘French’ style of build based on a smaller hatchback I made a while ago.


It’s not just that the Boat body sets look sleeker (especially with the more lifelike and curvaceous roofline you just mentioned), it’s that there are now several of them in varying wheelbases (from ~2.6m to ~3.2m) and body styles (coupe and convertible, in addition to the existing sedan and wagon, among others) in 4.3.

@xsneakyxsimx your first attempt at a car made in 4.3 reminds me of the Peugeot 605, design-wise. I can see that it’s based on the largest of the E36/405-esque body sets - despite its tire diameter limitations (640mm max), it’s a great choice for making a 605 replica.

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yes, I was even able to do a proper Thunderbird/Cougar replica.
Meanwhile, the 1995 Globus Grand Cruiser is taking shape on the better body. I was able to keep it close to the stable build.

Just Missouri things…


All it needs now are wheel spats, suspension hydropneumatique, and culasses hexagonales then it will be perfectly Français!

And a rubbeur front änd rear bumpeur for parking á Paris.
Oui, and special baguette holdeurs on the dash, with a fromage compartement.

N’oubliez pas, les pneus de caoutchouc lunaire et le trois roues directrices!

I did indeed give it hydropneumatic suspension, at the very least.

1991 AMS Albite 4.0

Originally made for FC1 and proposed as a general-purpose personnel transport.

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2000-2005 Globus Grand Cruiser, the final version of a landyacht legend. The second facelift of the L90R platform was already a dinosaur when it was introduced, but after 10 years, it´s reliability was very good and despite a very outdated chassis, comfort and power for money was hardly to be found somewhere else. It was quite common as taxi in Gasmea.


1969 Yamaguchi 417

After some pathetic but cheap and reliable Kei cars sold, Yamaguchi needed a “real” car to both be seen as a capable car company and to have something to export, mainly to Archana.

The 417 was in some details progressive (OHC engine!), but in most conservative. For the money, the customer recieved a 70 horsepower engine and space for five as well as proven reliability. With less than 10 liter consumption and easy servicing, the 417 was not a bad car for the non-premium family segment and an acceptable taxi. Having the export in mind, Yamaguchi placed the gauges in the middle and left space for steering rack and pedals on the left side in the engine bay.

A Deluxe model with disc brakes and slightly upgraded suspension as well as a nicer interior was available. The optional bicolor paint was already quite out of fashion in 1969, but Yamaguchi was a traditional company, even in the conservative Ariya.


1977 Cavaliere Nobile Caligula

Fast. Ultra luxurious. Handling of a sports car. We better don´t speak about price and reliability…


The Dragon’s range of models in 1966.

Dragon 57 whit basic interiors

Dragon 72 whit standard interiors

Dragon 88 whit premium interior


Is a 2 door, but Automation says it’s a sedan soo…

Is a cheap crap econobox from the 70s, but it has one feature that is unique for one of my cars…


…ahem. I was bored so, I made the lights using flat shapes, vents and one of the 3D cylinder shapes. I guess it could be considered a ‘proof of concept’, but I don’t know if I’d try to keep using it or if it’s too much effort for such little results.


My first attempt of American car the Falcon - Lux One produced by 1944 to 1947.


American car, part 2, the Falcon - Lux One II produced by 1948 to 1953.