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Seikatsu Motion Dynamics Co. is a "mobility company" that revolves around the notion that daily life and the evolution of society and mankind is dependent on the evolution of transportation technology.

Founded in 1899, they first produced pedal bicycles, then eventually expanded to motorized bicycles.They would later diversify in other areas of the transportation industry to include commercial trains, propeller aircraft, trucks, buses, and even running shoes. However, their primary focus is on automobiles, the first of which they produced in 1911.

The Seikatsu logo is a stylized kanji of 岩 (iwa) which symbolizes advanced progress. It is also the logo of the Iwate prefecture, where the founder Makoto Murata was born.


Mini Roadster/MR

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Victoria/Victoria Olympian

Subcompact SUV
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Compact SUV
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Midsize SUV
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Fullsize SUV

Compact Executive

Regalia/Regalia Olympian

Full-size Luxury

Full-size Luxury SUV

MPV Luxury


Grand Roadster/GR
Ultra Roadster/UR





2021 Seikatsu Hyperion 600G HL Grand Millennium Super Lucent VIP Royal Brougham D'Elegance Stratosuite Twin-Six Hydrotronic "MAGIC CARPET RIDE" Royal Saloon


In Niccolo Machiavelli's words, it is better to be revered than to be loved.

The Seikatsu Hyperion luxury sedan, completely refreshed for the 2021 model year, is not just the manifestation of one's triumphant efforts in their career; it is a symbol that commands respect, and bears a presence that does not go unnoticed.

But the Hyperion's purpose extends beyond a mere show of force. It strikes inspiration and awe to those who witness it, serving as a reminder that everyone can follow in your footsteps and forever cement their legacy into permanence.

"Angel wing" headlights come standard on every model.


The most distinctive feature of the Hyperion are its "angel wing" full LED headlights, designed to have a sharp yet graceful appearance and to provide maximum visibility even in the most adverse driving conditions.

The "waterfall" motif in the grille traces a natural line that flows upwards the fascia and blends into the "angel wing" headlights that strike outwards, even stretching beyond their housings and into the bodywork to create a unified figure that flows into itself, complete.

Exterior hue option shown is "Jade Wintergreen" with bronze trimming.


Seikatsu Hyperion remains true to its heritage, bringing classic Japanese style to a state-of-the-art aluminum chassis tuned for comfort and stability at high speeds.

Meticulously sculpted body lines running along the length of the Hyperion brings an element of subtlety while maintaining a high-class composure. A tapered roofline, low-slung stance and accentuated rear shoulders highlight the Hyperion's grand touring nature. A slim waist and nice hips, just how I like my women.


An array of piezoelectric and gyroscopic sensors detects even the faintest amount of body roll, pitch, or yaw. Combined with QuadraDrive's active torque vectoring, Seikatsu's "MAGIC CARPET RIDE" active suspension system with adapts to the environment around it and can even anticipate changes in road consistency and composition. Potholes, speedbumps, and even children curbs are completely absorbed by MAGIC CARPET RIDE, ensuring that no harsh movement is transmitted into the cabin.

Tunable hydraulic dampers allow the entire handling characteristics of the Hyperion to be changed at the press of a button, anywhere from an ethereal gliding sensation like a "magic carpet" to a focused, responsive canyon carver. Ride height can also be adjusted on the fly; it can be raised to clear obstacles, or slammed to drive under semi trucks at highway speeds.


The third generation of "Saffron" V12 engines continues to be used for the Hyperion in its highest trim. Displacing 5997cc and fed through two turbochargers, the result is 542hp and 573 lb-ft of torque pushed to all four wheels through a tiptronic eight-speed automatic.

The Hyperion reaches highway speeds in 4.6 seconds and tops out at 190mph. Frankly, I don't know why you would ever need to go this fast. But it's a nice conversation starter.



600G HL Royal Saloon - $121 000

6.0L V12-TT - 542hp/573lb-ft

0-62 time of 4.6s

199mph top speed

QuadraDrive all-wheel drive with active torque vectoring

21" wheels

Handmade Interior from Project Valentine

"MAGIC MIRROR" Variable Opacity Windows

"MAGIC CARPET RIDE" Active Suspension

Suicide Doors

"Brougham" four-seat arrangement


500G HL Exec - $82 300

4.0L V8-TT - 430hp/441lb-ft

0-62 time of 5.5s

187mph top speed

20" wheels

Seikatsu Augmented Reality Suite

21-speaker "Ultra Fidelity" sound system with ANC

"Aerotronic" Active Damper Control

Executive Infotainment Package

450G HS - $70 900

3.5L I6-T - 410hp/410lb-ft

0-62 time of 5.6s

155mph top speed

19" wheels

Voice and Gesture Control

14-speaker "Concert Harmony" sound system

Adaptive Cruise Control with Anti-Lane Departure

Semi-Active Ferrous Damper Control



Excellent start to this new thread of yours. The Hyperion, especially in top-shelf V12 form, is one of the best-looking, best-equipped full-size luxury cars around.

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2021   SEIKATSU   JX

2021 Seikatsu JX600Q HF


Sacrifice. Compromise. In an imperfect world, we come to the realization that not all of our desires will be fulfilled. Not all dreams come true. What we gain exists only because of everything we have lost.

We at Seikatsu think otherwise. No sacrifices or compromises are made in the 2021 Seikatsu JX mid-size luxury crossover; you have the immense carrying capacity, ruggedness, safety, and keen visibility of an SUV, the refinement and technology of a luxury sedan, and the virile nature of a grand tourer. It's an all-around performer, a jack of all trades, a master of all. And we aren't holding back.

With the release of the JX and the debut of improved state-of-the-art safety technologies, Seikatsu remains one of the leading innovators in the automotive industry.


The JX comes with many new Seikatsu safety and innovative technologies not just with ultimate convenience and comfort in mind, but also as part of our larger step towards a more intuitive, connected, and autonomous driving experience.

Kinetic Aberration Prevention System (KAPS) is just one of these many technologies. As the name implies, it is able to detect incoming obstacles from all directions, calculate their trajectory in real-time, and automatically apply the throttle, brake, and steering inputs necessary to avoid these obstacles. The path to be taken to avoid said obstacles is "painted" onto the road with Seikatsu's proprietary Multifunction Augmented Reality Suite (MARS) to provide the driver and passengers with a visual of the trajectory.

Of course, many other features including the "HORUS" VR 360 Camera, lane guidance and collision warnings, a digital gauge cluster, and more are also available. As for more conventional creature comforts, the JX comes with soft-close doors, power sunroofs, extendable running boards, and a hands-free liftgate.



Split headlights provide maximum visibility and complement the sharp, striking exterior.


The JX takes a spin on the classic Seikatsu formula, blending Japanese elegance with a robust, muscular profile.

Subtle lines and accents throughout the bodywork accentuate the powerful and athletic stance, highlighting the inherent nature of performance, luxury, and style that comes within every JX. The LED-laser light assemblies and body sculpting shoots out from the sides of the traditional "waterfall" Seikatsu grille, creating an effect similar to the "angel wing" headlights on the Hyperion luxury sedan. Flared fender arches contribute to the widened stance, denoting its power and ruggedness.

Go anywhere. Exterior hue option shown is "KYOTO CRYSTAL LUMINESCENCE."


The Seikatsu is a tamed beast, ready to be unleashed at a moment's notice while retaining composure and refinement.

An all-around performer at heart, the Seikatsu JX comes standard with QuadraDrive all-wheel drive to provide maximum traction in all environments. It consists of three electronically-actuated differentials; one at the front, one in the middle, and one in the rear. With Intelligent Torque Vectoring, the JX utilizes machine-learning algorithms to carefully calculate and partition the right amount of power to each wheel. Whether you're traversing rough, inconsistent terrain or accelerating out of a corner, you'll feel and experience the power of QuadraDrive firsthand, right at your fingertips and under your feet.

QuadraDrive is just as intelligent as it is capable. It is capable of sending up to 70% of power to the front wheels or 100% to the rear wheels, depending on the situation. By communicating with the vehicle's stability control suite, it is capable of smoothly and seamlessly adjusting power distribution on the fly to combat understeer or oversteer. In regular driving conditions, power is directed only to the rear wheels.

MAGIC CARPET RIDE ensures a comfortable, stable ride that leaves you in control.


Not even the slighest jerk or bump is transmitted into the cabin, thanks to MAGIC CARPET RIDE, Seikatsu's revolutionary active air suspension. By actively scanning the terrain ahead, the JX is able to counteract any forces transmitted through the road and ensure a stable ride quality. Body roll is not only negated, but can also be controlled; with the push of a button, the JX can transform from a luxurious multipurpose cruiser into a serious performance machine.

In addition, ride height can also be manipulated at a moment's notice, and can change its height by as much as three inches in either direction on either wheel.


The JX is available with a variety of engine choices to suit every driver's needs, from a 280hp 2.5L turbocharged inline-4 to a 560hp 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8.

The most extreme sport trim, the 600Q HF, is capable of reaching highway speeds in an astonishing 3.5 seconds and achieving a maximum velocity of 176mph. Not only does it give other proper sports cars a run for their money, it can also hold these numbers in adverse driving conditions as well. And don't be fooled by its larger nature, because the JX can out-corner all other examples in its segment; pulling 1.03g on the skidpad, it really is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

300Q HS 400Q HT 450Q HT 500Q HL 600Q HF
SEATS 5/8 5/8 5/8 5/8 4/5
INFO Dual Console * + Digital Gauge Suite * * + MARS *
ASSIST Lane Guidance + F/R Collision Warning * + HORUS + Autopark * * + KAPS *
ENG 2.5L I4-T 3.0L I6-T 4.0L V8-T 4.0L V8-T 4.0L V8-T
TRN 8AT * * * */7DCT
DRV QuadraDrive AWD * * * *
PWR (hp) 280 360 440 500 560
VMAX (mph) 155 155 155 155 176
0-62mph (s) 7.0 5.8 4.9 4.7 3.5
ECO (mpg) 33.1 32.4 23.8 22.5 17.1
MSRP (USD) 51 200 58 300 65 500 74 700 77 600
* = identical to previous entry
Chassis/Construction Semi Space Frame/Aluminum
Body Panels Aluminum
Suspension (F)/Construction Double Wishbone/Multi-Material
Suspension (R)/Construction 5-Link Independent/Multi-Material
Brakes (F/R) Vented Disc/Vented Disc / Carbon-Ceramic Disc/Carbon-Ceramic Disc (600Q HF only)
Steering Electromechanical Progressive and Adaptive
Airbags Driver, Passenger, Rear Occupants, Curtains, Roof



…Well, if you’re gonna make this my car, then I’m gonna drive it.

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As a safety aid, it’s a welcome addition to the JX series’ vast arsenal of gadgets intended to make driving it a lot easier, especially with the more powerful engines. The rest of the car, thankfully, is as well-executed inside and out as I had hoped it to be.


2020 Seikatsu Reglia 500Q HL


Seikatsu's first ever luxury sedan returns for its tenth generation. From humble beginnings as a fleet car favored by taxi services and police cruisers, the Regalia has risen through the ranks and quickly established itself as the premier executive luxury sedan of Japan. It's a testament to our core values of ultimate driver satisfaction, as every Regalia can be configured to suit your every need. Poise and performance, all in one package.

The Regalia prioritizes both driver and passenger satisfaction first and foremost.


The Regalia prioritizes both driver and passenger satisfaction first and foremost. Seikatsu upholds this rigorous standard of comfort in two ways: technology and ergonomics.

The AURAL (Active Universal Retardation of Aggressive Loudness) is an active noise cancellation system that makes its debut in the Regalia. It instantly intercepts unpleasant sounds that may come from any direction and plays back a tone of the exact opposite amplitude inside the passenger compartment; due to destructive wave interference, the sound signature inside the vehicle is significantly reduced. AURAL also functions at high speeds to reduce the noise of turbulent wind. It is responsive enough to even block more sudden, aggressive sounds such as gunfire or heavy machinery.

Soft-close doors come standard on the Regalia for effortless user interaction. Reclining seats with retractable footrests, massaging functions, and full control over back supports are available for the "HT" option spec and standard on the "HL" option spec.

Exterior hue option shown is "EMBER WINTERGREEN."


The Regalia is the embodiment of masterful craftsmanship and cutting-edge Japanese design. An icon of Seikatsu, it now features our "Kadō" design language seen on the Hyperion and the JX.

Remaining true to its heritage, the Regalia's design exudes splendor with its sharp "Angel wing" headlights that flank the chrome waterfall grille, a styling element that dates back to the very first of its kind. A distinctive character line is drawn from behind the front wheels and trace out a refined yet athletic profile along the side of the car, curving upwards and along the rear fenders to accentuate coupe-like proportions.

A varied assortment of wheel sizes, styles, interior and exterior hue options are available to suit the tastes of every discerning driver. For those who wish not to assimilate but to make a bold statement, find solace in the "BLACKOUT" package, adorned with piano black trim instead of chrome.

The Regalia is now available with three engine choices; a 2.5L I4, a 3.2L I6, and a 4.0L V8, all turbocharged. All-wheel drive is available for each engine configuration.


The Regalia offers multiple trim packages to fill every role needed and every position imaginable. No two Regalias are exactly alike, each with their own amalgam of colors, wheel selections, selected options, and powertrain choice.

The “EXEC” package is built and designed not just as a premium executive sedan for the seasoned, respected professional, but ultimately a full technology suite to match or exceed the capabilities that a regular office has. With extra USB ports, a rear wireless charging dock, detatchable infotainment tablet, a WiFi hotspot, and desks that fold out from the center console, it’s perfect for getting work done while on the move.

A more spirited driving experience can be found in the “HF-SPEC” package, which includes 20" alloy wheels as standard, an adjustable magnetic sports-tuned suspension, and a revised design for the vents and grille. On the inside, alcantara-finished surfaces, alternate stitching patterns and colorways, and piano black or carbon fiber trim all contribute to a revised, more driver-oriented cabin.

All packages can be ordered with any engine option or drive type.

300G/Q HS 400G/Q HT 450G/Q HT 400Q HL 450Q HL 500Q HL
SEATS 5 5 5 4/5 * *
INFO Dual Console * + Digital Gauge Suite * * + MARS * *
ASSIST Lane Guidance + F/R Collision Warning * + HORUS + Autopark * * + KAPS * *
ENG 2.5L I4-T 3.2L I6-T 4.0L V8-T 3.2L I6-T 4.0L V8-T *
TRN 8AT * * * * *
DRV RWD/QuadraDrive AWD * * QuadraDrive AWD * *
PWR (hp) 280 360 440 360 440 500
VMAX (mph) 155 * * * * *
0-62mph (s) 6.8/6.9 5.8/* 5.2/4.9 5.8 5.0 4.7
ECO (mpg) 36.8/35.8 34.0/33.0 24.4/23.9 32.8 24.7 23.7
MSRP (USD) 48 300/52 800 58 300/62 000 62 200/65 900 73 000 77 100 79 000
* = identical to previous entry
Chassis/Construction Semi Space Frame/Aluminum
Body Panels Aluminum
Suspension (F)/Construction Double Wishbone/Multi-Material
Suspension (R)/Construction 5-Link Independent/Multi-Material
Brakes (F/R) Vented Disc/Vented Disc / Carbon-Ceramic Disc
Steering Electromechanical Progressive and Adaptive
Airbags Driver, Passenger, Rear Occupants, Curtains


I like the design of all the cars so far, the tech side seems good too - the engines are not unrealistically underpowered for the sake of efficiency nor unrealistically overpowered for the sake of FAAAN, as is often the case in other brands. But honestly, the only Japanese things I see in those cars are the badge and naming, other than that they are… generically global with a slightest hint of non-European. Also those headlights seem a biiit over the top :smile: Oh, and the presentation is fine and photos really nice. Last thing, I don’t get the point of the 450 and 500 trims alongside each other, in any model - they differ very little.


Japanese or any asian luxury brands, make me happy, this looks very nice, i reminds me of lexus, or toyota? oh well same thing right?

Nissan would like a word.

Please don’t necro a 2 year old thread if that’s all you have to say. Thanks. :full_moon_with_face: