Sekiro Motors

Sekiro Motors

Sekiro Motors was born in 1955 inside the Chiba prefecture of Japan. The company was a child hood dream of its founders Han and Hajime Sekiro, two brothers with a lifelong passion for automobiles. Han and Hajime released their first car into the Japanese market in the spring of 1956 and were met with great success from the citizens of Chiba and surrounding towns who quickly fell in love with the cars simplicity, reliability and elegance all for a very affordable price. The brothers were a hit and the business quickly grew over the years and is now a staple in the Japanese car market which has allowed the company to offer a impressive lineup of cars throughout the years!

Current Line up

  • Eri Coupe 1960 - current

  • Eri Hatchback 1961 - current

  • Sakura S1 Sports Coupe - 1965 - current


  • Arisu Compact 1956 - 1960

Arisu 1956 - 1960
Sekiro’s first entrance into the automotive world was in the spring of 1956 with the introduction of the Arisu!

The Arisu was designed to be an elegant yet simplistic solution to the daily commute.


Front, Rear, or all wheel drive?

The Arisu is FWD…i guess i should have specified that in the post lol my bad!

Eri 1960 - 1968 (1st Gen)

By Dec 28, 1959 Sekiro ended production of the Arisu and were gearing up to introduce their newest addition to their line up they had been designing behind the scenes!

introducing the Sekiro Motors Eri! A modern RWD sports coupe that would appeal to not only the enthusiasts of the time but the average family and business men as well! Sekiro still managed to design an sleek and elegant car packing a sporty punch and all for an attainable price!


Oh no no it’s a beautiful post keep it up I’m loving your stuff. It’s like a Japanese Mini I love it. Let me know if you ever upload the files I’d love to drive some of these in beamng.

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Quite a formidable package for 1960. By the way, does that engine have two or four valves per cylinder? I’m guessing the former, given that 4-valve DOHC heads would not become commonplace for another two decades.

wow well i missed a huge mistake on my part LOL. im going to edit that post because after looking at it again i realized i was using the wrong engine for this car! i have no clue how i managed to miss that honestly! beginner mistakes LOL. but yeah its a 2v dohc design.

Eri hatchback 1961 - 1968 (1st Gen)

Introducing the Eri hatchback! This model of the Eri is designed to be more oriented towards the modern family of the time. This model offers more room for cargo and seating than the sport coupe version making it perfect for hauling the family or going to the shops!


With the launch of the Eri coupe and hatchback sedan version Sekiros customer base rapidly grew. This was great news for the still relatively small Japanese manufacturer as the sudden boom of business allowed them expand into Europe where they began to offer their cars in France as well as Germany in 1963, once again to great success. All while this was happening Han and Hajime were planning their newest entry into the automotive world. They were soon to find out just how influential this car was going to be!

Sakura S1 1965 - 1970 (1st Gen)

Han and Hajime were determined to redefine the sport coupe, inspired by the beautiful and elegant curves of European sports cars, they set out to do just that. In 1965 the Sakura S1 was born and unleashed onto the market ready to dominate its competition at much more attainable price point!


Do you named the company after Sekiro, the game? Just asking.

i did actually lol. I havent played it but i liked how the name sounds so i went with it haha

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By the time the end of production for the first generation Eri came around in 1968 Sekiro had already produced enough units to sell through 1970 right up to the release of the second generation of the beloved car. This time around Sekiros vision of the Eri had changed, with the release of their new monstrous sports coupe the Sakura S1 in 1965, and would now be more oriented to the every day commuter and family.

Eri coupe & Eri Hatchback 1970 - 1980 (2nd Gen)

Both the Coupe and Hatchback received quite the facelift for their second generation while still keeping the distinct characteristics they were known for. The 1ZW engine powering both options also received a facelift, while still remaining the same displacement Sekiro managed to slightly bump the power in the second gen cars by designing a new double barrel carb, redesigned intake manifold as well as slightly improved cylinder head design.


Following the success Sekiro had seen from the launch of their Sakura S1 Sports Coupe the company expanded their sales further across Europe to now include The United Kingdom, Spain and Italy in the summer of 1967. As usual Sekiro had been silently planning their next rendition of the Sakura and were almost ready to share their next vision of the sports coupe. Fast forward a few years to Feb - 15th - 1970 and their masterpiece was ready to be unveiled to the world!

Sakura S2 1970 - 1982 (2nd Gen)

Han and Hajime weren’t interested in changing the entire shell of the Sakura, as the car was universally loved for it timeless and elegant body lines, instead they sought to further improve upon it and be more bold with their design choices. The second generation of the car still used the A24 SOHC I6 however it now had a slight increase in power thanks to a bump in compression, now 8.5:1, and a more aggressive camshaft.


Sekiro Motors had decided to reach to new spectrum of the automotive world and were ready to debut their newest offering. This time around manufacturer was aiming directly for the businessmen around the world who not only enjoyed luxury but comfort and style as well. In 1982 Sekiro launched their Luxury Coupe known as Nyoko in all of their Japanese and European markets.

Nyoko 1982 - 1992

The A24 had once again been chosen to power the Nyoko, however it had been de-tuned from the version in the Sakura. While most of the engine remained the same Sekiro had chosen to go with a less performance oriented cam, intake manifold and dual carb set up on this motor, this was a luxury car and not a sports coupe after all. This was all mated to Sekiros first automatic transmission in any car they had offered! And finally the suspension on the car was Sekiros main focus, the goal was for the driver to feel as if they were floating through the clouds and thanks to several years of R&D by Sekiros engineering geniuses they had achieved that with their new progressive spring and gas shock designed specifically for the Nyoko.


I like the design of the Nyoko, great looking car for its era. The white suits it well, both tasteful and elegant in white, not boring like many 80s cars became.

I can agree with that - and it definitely would not be out of place on the set of and 80s TV action series such as Magnum P.I., Miami Vice or Knight Rider. The only problem is that in an era where greed was good, it was decidedly lacking in firepower - but a turbocharged, fuel-injected version introduced later in its life could well fix that.

Thanks i appreciate it! i wanted to keep it kinda simple but luxury inspired at the same time, glad to see it kinda worked out haha.

Thanks for the kind words haha, i actually have a plan to introduce a new engine for this car as well as many upcoming ones…something a little more 80s haha. just havent had the time recently to design anything but hopefully ill be able to get back to it soon!