Selling engines

Will it be possible in the full game to sell the engines you designed seperately to earn an extra buck. It would be nice if you could specialise in building and selling engines, if for example you suck at building cars.
What I also wonder; will you be able to buy engines for your cars if you’re not good at designing them yourself?

Yes and yes… at least that is what we are planning on doing.
If at all possible we’d like to do it such that there are numerous viable ways of playing the game:

Good at designing engines? Sell superior engines to the big car makers!
Good at designing Cars but not engines? Buy in engines and sell your superior cars!
Excellent at management but not design? Buy in engines and designs to sell mediocre cars through the right image building and marketing!

As you can see that’s quite a goal to achieve… but we’ll give it a shot :slight_smile:

glad to hear that :slight_smile: I think that would add an extra dimension to the multiplayer too